The Counterblasts Between Piers Morgan & Meghan Markle

The internet has seen various counterblasts between Former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle. We all know that Piers Morgan is quite fond of controversial statements. Hence, once again he has made the duchess furious over his few remarks.

Morgan supports the call to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles

Piers Morgan has said the Royal couple’s modern way of life had brought dishonor to their ancestors. Piers Morgan retweeted The Sun’s royal reporter Tony Parsons’s tweet. His tweet stated:

“Strip Harry & Meghan of their self-aggrandizing titles for poisoning the last years of the Queen’s life.”

In his article for The Sun, royal expert Tony Parsons said, “For causing stress and pain in the final years of her [Queen] life, Harry and Meghan show no shame, remorse or regret. That is why these brats should be stripped of their royal titles. They no longer deserve their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.’

Morgan’s reaction to Markle’s interview with The Cut

Just a few minutes after Meghan’s interview he criticized the interview on his show and labeled it ‘revolting.’

Morgan commented on The Cut magazine’s tweet which reads:

“Even by Markle standards, this is a revoltingly self-aggrandizing, disingenuous & hypocritical load of royal-bashing tosh.” “The Mandela anecdote alone had me gagging. How dare she use her title to keep trashing the institution that gave it to her? Shameless & shameful,”

In another tweet, Piers Morgan said:

“How much more fork-tongued mud-slinging craps are the Royals going to take from Princess Pinocchio before the Queen strips her and her halfwit doormat husband of the titles they are exploiting so cynically to the highest bidders?

“It’s such an outrageous abuse of royal status.”

Mariah Carey Supports Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan is not here for it

Piers Morgan took a jab at Mariah Carey for sharing her thoughts about her podcast with Meghan Markle.

Mariah tweeted:

“Enjoyed talking to Duchess and Diva Meghan Markle about “The Duality of Diva.” Yes! I called her a diva, in the most fabulous, gorgeous, and empowering meaning of the word!!!”

Piers Morgan reshared this tweet with a sarcastic comment:

 “When Mariah Carey calls you a Diva, you really must be a piece of work.”