The Bob’s Burgers Movie Review

The animated series Bob’s Burgers, which was just renewed for a 13th season, makes the leap to the big screen with Bob Belcher and his family, and the film further proves why viewers enjoy the show so much. Murphy’s Law, the proverb that “anything can go wrong, will go wrong,” is firmly embraced in every one of Bob’s Burgers’ 238 episodes. It’s nearly impossible to select a favorite show because of all of the crazy, entertaining plots. Hulu and HBO Max are now offering the film for streaming.

A “musical comedy-mystery-adventure,” Bob’s Burgers Movie makes a smooth transition from television. The show’s big-screen premiere first resembles one of its special two-part musical episodes. But it is more than just seeing an episode on a bigger screen. Anyone can enjoy The Bob’s Burgers Movie because the exposition doesn’t dominate the dialogue.

Belcher Family’s Adventures

The Belcher family’s daily adventures and their underwhelming burger shop are, in essence, the focus of the show. When the ruptured water main creates a sizable sinkhole in front of the family’s restaurant, the movie opens with them daydreaming about their summer plans. While the bank threatens foreclosure, Bob (H. John Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) works to find solutions to keep the business afloat. Meanwhile, their children come up with a unique plan to save the restaurant.

While keeping to the show’s strengths, such as smart puns and catchy tunes, writer and director Loren Bouchard doesn’t take his success for granted. Instead, Bouchard improves and polishes all the aspects of the series that viewers love.

The movie is understandable to newcomers, but it’s a real delight for fans of the 12 seasons. Animation experts seize every chance to make references and callbacks to earlier episodes. There was always some type of Easter egg whenever my eyes strayed to the background of a scene, whether it was the crossing guard who doubles as a witch in season 7, episode 3, Jordan Cagan/Ghost Boy’s graffiti tag in season 6, episode 2, or the popular recess game Ga-Ga Ball (season 8, episode 9).

Updated Script

In the updated script, we also get a closer look at the youngsters as they mature. Gene, Louise, and Tina are making significant plans and conducting self-evaluations as hot air rises. Dan Mintz’s character Tina wants to make Jimmy Jr. her “summer boyfriend,” but she finds it difficult to act. Gene (Eugene Mirman) creates a brand-new tool out of a spoon, rubber bands, and a napkin dispenser. He loses faith in his commitment to music when reviews are unfavorable.

Possibly, Louise, the youngest Belcher, receives special attention in the movie (Kristen Schaal). Her unbreakable precocious confidence is damaged when a student refers to her as a baby since she is sporting her signature pink bunny ears. The Bob’s Burgers Movie provides the true reason for Louise’s “ears,” which has long been the subject of fan speculation. The explanation is very touching. Minor spoilers are ahead.

 The Bob's Burgers Movie Review

Louise looks for a means to show her bravery after her courage is questioned. She asks Tina and Gene to capture her nighttime descent into the sinkhole in front of the restaurant on camera. When Louise attempts to get out after falling into the pit, she unintentionally finds a human skeleton. The finding shocks everyone in the town.

When watching the episode, it’s simple to forget that Louise is just 9 years old, especially given how easily she comes up with strategies, uses conversation to get out of sticky situations, and outwits grownups. The Bob’s Burgers Movie offers audiences more than just the familiar atmosphere of the television program by giving its characters depth, vulnerability, and growth as they navigate common issues. And it achieves this without taking the fun away. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is probably going to be streamed eventually, but regardless of whether you’re a dedicated fan or not, it’s worth the trip to the theater.