Tesla Phone Price, Availability And Specs

Tesla is all set to launch one of their coolest products ever. The Tesla model Pi/P phone is currently in process to be successfully released. After closely studying the tweets and information laid down by Tesla, we have gathered all you need to know about this forthcoming device. 

Tesla has gloriously been the centre of attention for a while now. May it be technological brilliance or lawsuits, the company never fails to stay out of the limelight. One of their most recent official product has been the Tesla Model Pi phone. Elon Musk, who’s the owner of the electric car company actively takes part in diversifying his operations. 

Although Tesla’s upcoming venture has been officially confirmed but we can expect any further official news by the year 2023. 

Reckoned Specs

First and foremost on the features department, Tesla is looking to create and develop an enormously remarkable camera. They’ve put their emphasis on the quality of the camera big time. As of current, smartphones with decent cameras are something very easy to be found. Tesla will have to do something extraordinary to breakeven their sales. Apple and Samsung are looking to be taking over the smartphone world currently. Tesla’s phone is reported to have a 1080p camera that will not require an additional lens to click an HD picture. The camera will also allow the user to take pictures zoomed in to the maximum extent without the result getting blurry. 

A source has revealed that Tesla’s new phone will not take the conventional charging methods. The Pi phone will adapt a solar charge system. The users will not have to use any sort of electrical charger for charging their phone. It will reportedly be connected to the Starlink satellite, which will then charge the phone directly. It will also provide exceptional internet as well. Neuralink technology is also expected to be a part of Tesla’s Model Pi phone. 

Another excellent feature is believed to be the on-screen fingerprint scanner. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the Tesla Pi model is expected to be highly streamlined. 

This powerful device might also be able to have access to crypto mining. Tesla is looking to create a monster of a phone. 

Car Control

I guess this function will be too obvious for the people as you can control your electric car entirely with the Pi phone. The phone will also provide you with the ability to perform certain activities and tasks through just a single click. For instance, changing the systematical features, controlling multimedia and locking/unlocking the car. You will also be able to have full command over the temperature of the car as well. You can easily set your desired temperature. 


Elon Musk is a big fan of privacy. He himself mentioned that the company has built the best possible encryption technology. He expects to carry these ideas forward. So a fully secured smartphone can be anticipated. The data in the phone will be completely under your observation. 

Price and Release Date

Well according to the stature of the phone, experts have still failed to determine a set price tag. Although keeping in mind the features, functions, size and abilities of the phone, an expected price was set down by the people. We can expect the Tesla Model Pi phone to be somewhere between $900 – $1,200. The price may fall as soon as more and more people buy this mobile but they can even subsequently go up. 

The release date is something we’re still entirely unknown to. To build such a phone in abundance, a massive amount of time shall be required. Although we can expect Tesla to give us some hints about the release date in the year 2023. It may even arrive the following year