Sydney Sweeney as Alice in Sharp Objects

Sydney Sweeney is omnipresent in 2018, so even if you don’t know her name, you’re familiar with her visage. The 20-year-old actress first caught viewers’ eyes in the teen drama Everything Sucks on Netflix. However, it regrettably, was terminated after just one season. Then, in the second season of Hulu’s Emmy-winning thriller The Handmaid’s Tale, Sweeney played Eden, a pious newlywed. The good news for Sweeney is that her absence from our televisions wasn’t prolonged. She made an appearance with Amy Adams in the season’s most popular new show, HBO’s limited series Sharp Objects.

Sydney Sweeney Character As Alice:

In the psychiatric hospital where Camille was seeking treatment, Sweeney made an appearance as Alice, Camille’s roommate. Their shared history with self-harm is what first brings her character Alice and Camille, played by Amy Adams, together. Due to the vision, VallĂ©e believed Sweeney brought to the job, Alice ended up appearing in all eight of the show’s episodes even though it was just planned to be a modest supporting role.

Alice, A Dark Role. How Did Sydney Sweeney Prepare For It?

Sydney Sweeney appears to have a taste for sinister parts. Even while the Washington native’s characters are distinct, her appearances in Euphoria, Sharp Objects, The Handmaid’s Tale, Nocturne, and even HBO’s The White Lotus have undoubtedly shown that she is not afraid of playing grittier parts. But how does Sweeney train for performances that call for such intensity?

 How Did Sydney Sweeney Prepare For It?

Early in her career, Sweeney realized that she needed to be able to detach herself from the roles she plays. She started creating character books for all the different roles she performs after receiving advice from a mentor. These books, cover her characters’ whole lives, from conception to the present. This has made it easier for the actor to stay connected to her complex characters like the one she played in Sharp Objects.

What Did Sydney Sweeney Say About Getting Ready For Her Role?

Sweeney often prepares outside of her character books. She once locked herself in a crawl area, for example, to practice for an audition. She read a lot of outside material and conducted a lot of outside research as she was getting ready to play Alice in Sharp Objects. Sweeney read stories from real-life girls who had similar experiences while Alice suffered despair and self-harm.

About her role in Sharp Objects, Sweeney told a magazine, “Alice was one of those characters where I dug in, researched videos, essays, and diary entries of girls who had dealt with self-inflicted harm and similar difficulties. Sweeney continued, “I attempted to do as much research as I possibly could in building my character and creating her past story.” Developing a relationship with Amy Adams, who portrayed the lead part of Camille, also helped Sweeney better understand her character.

Undoubtedly, Stories with strong female characters, like Sharp Objects, have changed the business. Fans of Sweeney will no doubt be eager to see what grim role she takes on next.