Swipe Up On An Apple Watch Not Working? Here’s A Fix For It

The wonderful features of the Apple Watch include an accelerometer sensor, heart rate monitoring, ECG, and many more. But if you can’t swipe up on it, it’s all for nothing. There are many causes for why you can’t swipe up on an Apple Watch, but to start, we had advised cleaning the screen and edges, taking off the screen protector, then swiping up with clean hands. If it doesn’t work, try the other solutions in this article.

Restart The Apple Watch

Every time a device freezes or performs improperly, we always turn to the magic restart command. We recommend restarting your Apple Watch because it won’t allow you to swipe. However, restarting your Apple Watch is the next best option if that doesn’t work or it is not responding.

Try Slow Swipe

Since you can’t swipe normally on your Apple Watch, We suggest trying to perform the same thing a little more slowly. You can try slow swipes until a fix update is released because there may be a software bug blocking the watchOS from detecting the normal swipes.

Change Watch Face

Sometimes a watch face is stopping your Apple Watch from registering swipe gestures rather than a software or hardware problem. So, try switching your Apple Watch’s watch face and see if it helps. To turn on the screen, raise your wrist. Tap once is also an option. To quickly change watch faces, swipe left or right from the edge of the screen.

Unpair Or Repair The Apple Watch

The best solution is to unpair and pair your Apple Watch once more. However, We strongly advise making a backup of your Apple Watch first so that you can recover it later.

Check The Crack On The Screen

Because Apple Watch sits on your hands, it is simple to get scratches or tiny cracks in the corners and bezels, which will influence the places where you swipe. Examine the device for scratches or cracks; if you find any, you should contact Apple Support.

Contact Apple Support

It’s likely a hardware problem if you’ve noticed scratches or cracks on your Apple Watch or if none of these repairs worked. As a final resort, get in touch with Apple Support and let them know about the issue. I’m hoping you can resolve the situation from there.

Why Won’t My iPhone Swipe Up?

 The touchscreen and software faults are the two main causes of an iPhone that won’t swipe up. You may not be able to swipe up if your touchscreen sensor is damaged because it will interfere with gesture control in general. See whether forcing a restart of your iPhone, fixes the problem. Press the Volume Up button, then immediately let go. Press the Volume DOWN button, then immediately let go. Release the SIDE button after holding it down for as long as the Apple logo remains visible (this could take up to 20 seconds).