In Stranger Things Season 4, Who Is Eddie Munson? And Does He Die?

The Stranger Things returned for the final part of season four. And Eddie Munson, who had been introduced at the beginning of the season, previously appeared in both feature-length episodes.

Game of Thrones actor Joseph Quinn plays Munson, and both the character and the actor quickly win the hearts of Stranger Things fans. And does Eddie Munson dies in part 2 of Stranger Things season four? Let’s talk about Who Is Eddie Munson? And does he die in stranger things?

Who Is Eddie Munson?

The Hellfire Club is a Dungeons and Dragons club at Hawkins High School directed by musician Eddie Munson. The character is a social outcast with an anarchistic attitude. If he is responsible for cheerleader Chrissy’s death, his world can turn upside down.

The cheerleader is brutally murdered by Vecna while searching for narcotics to deliver to Chrissy. However, Eddie flees after realizing he would be held responsible for her murder while being hunted by Chrissy’s jock boyfriend and an angry mob.

Eddie Munson in Strange Things: Does He Die?

Eddie is still very much alive by the end of episode seven. But the remaining two episodes of season four will put him through some serious character tests.

Eddie and his team battle the Demobats in the season’s grand finale. Eddie plays a guitar solo from Metallica’s Master of Puppets over his trailer with Dustin to attract the creatures. Before opting to stand his ground and engage them head-on, Eddie rides his bike away from his companions and the Demobats. Eddie dies in Dustin’s arms after being mortally wounded by the Demobats and going down in a blaze of glory.

Even though Eddie died a hero’s death, the local media continues to portray him as a killer, claiming that he was responsible for the string of local killings and killing people in his satanic rituals.

Who is Joseph Quinn?

British actor Joseph Quinn was born in London. He creates a fairly realistic American accent to play Eddie.

In the Victorian tv show Dickensian, he played Arthur Havisham in his first significant on-screen role. However, in one episode of Game of Thrones, he played Koner, and in the miniseries Howards End, Leonard Bast. In the historical tv series Catherine the Great, he played Prince Paul, and in the musical Les Misérables, he played Enjolras. Moreover, he also portrayed Billy Knight in the J.K. Rowling adaption Strike, and he will play Michael in the drama Hoard, which schedules to premiere soon.