Spotify Unveils A Home Feed Inspired By TikTok’s Engaging Format

Spotify Unveils A Home Feed


Spotify is the most famous company in the world which has followed the footsteps of every social media company hub of video. There is an event on Spotify on Wednesday in which they revealed their new home feed page which displays videos. In addition, the new home feed page will display snippets of the song, audiobooks, and podcasts.

New Homepage News Feed Page:

New Homepage News Feed Page:

The news feed Spotify is rolling out yesterday and many users started using this. It will expand to all of the users in the upcoming weeks and months. Your Music, show feeds, and podcast is no longer to the series of the album and the podcast will cover assembled next to each other. Instead of using Tiktok and Instagram newsfeed pages, the user of Spotify will occupy the entire screen when they record any video. Spotify chose the playlists such as Discover Weekly and Rap Caviar will contain videos and previews.

Purpose of the Homepage Update:

The purpose of the home page update is to help users that they find more content on the platform. In addition, users will scroll down the content through a news feed and watch multiple contents. Plus they have the option to save it for later. But the disadvantage of this update is that users will miss their enjoyment of using the app. The enjoyment is that all the music on Spotify is together in one place.

Right now the situation is that people are don’t using Spotify to watch videos of their favorite artists but the owners of the company investigate to change that. It expects to become the one-stop shop for content. These updates in the event include that there are other cases of social media platforms that are trying to incorporate video first in their content. Content in that way takes away the user experience.

The news feeds of Spotify are announced in the second stream of the event where it also exposes the expansion of the video podcast. A type of podcast which currently develop on YouTube and also in partnership with sponsors.


One of the most used apps Spotify revealed its new home page of the app on Wednesday’s Live event. The home page will help user to make their videos easily. The purpose of this homepage is that a user can find more content on the app and save it for later.

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