Space Mystical Typhoon And Night Beam

The second important occasion is Yu-Gi-Oh! The N/R Festival, the Master Duel, has begun. Only cards Space Mystical Typhoon with the N or R rarities may be utilized for the event, which frequently precludes the use of many potent cards from archetypes. Due to how simple it is to obtain N and R resources in Master Duel, this event is the easiest to participate in. These are the N/R cards you should be aware of if you intend to bring a deck to the N/R Festival out of the many cards in Master Duel.

Night Beam And Mystical Space Typhoon: Are They Similar?

One of the all-time most popular Spell Cards is Mystical Space Typhoon. It performs what it does well, is straightforward, and is Chainable. However, it provides you the freedom to go for the win and ensures that your opponent’s face-downs won’t stop you when it’s time to take your shot by opening the way for your best moves. It is timeless. However, Galactic Overlord has now presented us with a substitute: a Night Beam Spell that appears to be rather dissimilar. Despite the similarities in appearance between Night Beam and Mystical Space Typhoon, these two cards serve quite distinct purposes.

Space Typhoon:

Being a Quick-Play Spell Card, Space Typhoon is incredibly adaptable. You can use it as necessary throughout your turn or your opponent’s to bluff a defense. It can be activated in reaction to an effect that would destroy it, swiftly taking out a rival card while negating the Chain’s initiating card’s effect. Typhoon can destroy a face-up or face-down Spell or Trap, as well as a card belonging to you or an opponent. You may even flip it during your opponent’s end phase to prevent a newly-set trap card like Compulsory Evacuation Device or Reckless Greed from becoming Chainable on your turn.

Night Beam:

Night Beam is quite different. It’s a Normal Spell rather than a Quick-Play, which initially seems like a drawback. Only Set Spell and Trap Cards can be targeted; face-up cards cannot be. However, in exchange, your adversary is unable to Chain everything you target to the start of Night Beam. It works around Mystical Space Typhoon’s major flaw, which makes it intriguing in many different ways in the current Advanced Format.

What Does Night Beam Stop?

Knowing what Night Beam is good against will help you see why you might want to play it. In fact, Mystical Space Typhoon is one of the finest cards to use Night Beam on. A typical scenario is when your opponent Sets a Typhoon while you have a face-down spell or trap. The following turn, you activate your hand’s Typhoon, aiming it at your opponent’s copy; they Chain it, aiming it at your Set card; and you lose two cards to one. We’ve all undoubtedly experienced it, and it’s a difficult scenario.