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How To Create Attractive Social Media Strategy For Your Business

How To Create Attractive Social Media Strategy For Your Business
  • PublishedFebruary 24, 2023
Create Attractive Social Media Strategy


It may sound weird but some things change the world similarly social media strategy changes the world. There are many changes in the world as the generation changes but in the old generation, there is no such thing that allows you to chat with another person like Facebook Messenger did in this generation. Except for chat, you can also share photos, audio, and videos and there is a great opportunity to interact with celebrities through Twitter.

If I say social media networking is a universal part of modern life then I think I didn’t say wrong. Further, it is also an important or effective part of social media marketing in the world. From the biggest brands to street pop there is no marketing strategy that is complete without s social media component. That is the reason it is not hectic to develop a social media strategy because everyone is on different platforms of social media.

There are some results of the Global Digital overview which shows:

  • 4.6 billion Users are active on social media users which is almost 60 percent of the world’s population.
  • Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram Users are rising day by day in these 2, 3 years.
  • The Average time people spend on social media platforms is 2.27 hours.
  • There are 7.5 platforms of social media that people are using in a single month.

Social media marketing:

Social Media Strategy

Before we discuss the steps of making social media strategies, we have to discuss what is social media marketing.

Don’t worry it is not rocket science and you don’t need any dictionary to know about this. It is a simple type of internet that uses different social media platforms as a tool.

But this is the definition of social media marketing but which things can make social media marketing better? It is television or commercials or billboard? Let’s discuss it:

Brand Awareness Increases:

Brand Awareness Increases:

As you know there are 4.6 billion people that are using social media platforms. That means you can reach 60% population of the world through social media. But it is also difficult to grow and reach all users because for this you have to make many creative strategies. In addition, you have to increase your brand awareness because the more people know about your brand the more your sales will increase.

Improve your SEO:

Improve your SEO:

Search engine optimization plays an important role in social media marketing. Because if your SEO is good then the traffic on your website will increase. Your content will boost in the google search engine and it is also helpful for your customer to know about your brands. Through SEO, you can create backlinks or also do guest posting on someone’s website to get traffic on your website. 

Return on Investment:

Return on Investment:

One of the great advantages of social media marketing is that it allows you to create an audience without any big budget. Many social media platforms allow you to create a free profile and if you want to do paid advertising it’s up to you because it is not essential.



Social media allows you to talk with your audience properly. You can create a conversation in which you tell things about your brand and those which your brand wants to know. It also allows you to create a story authentically and properly which is something that you didn’t find in other types of Marketing.

How to create a social media strategy:

The advantages of implementing social media into your marketing efforts are distinct but you cannot just randomly post images, status updates, and polls expected to get results.

1. Set Specific and measurable Goals:

Set Specific and measurable Goals:

Before starting a new business in any field you need to set your goals whether it is a single goal or multiple goals. Because most people start their businesses without setting goals and then after their business got flops they are guilty why they didn’t set a goal.

The criteria for creating an attractive goal are SMART.  SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and time-bound.

Common social media marketing goals are:

  1. Boost the engagement
  2. Increase Sales and get new leads
  3. Increase Traffic on your website
  4. Control the conversation about your brand.

2. Analyze Your Audience:

2. Analyze Your Audience:

After setting your goal, now you need to identify your target audience to whom you will sell your product. It will also help in creating content that engages your customer. Don’t just consider their needs and wants you have to look at their personas and their personalities. There are a few classes based on which you can set your target audience.

  • Identify their age, gender, location, salary, and much more which is known as demographic.
  • Analyze their interest are they like videos or do they like reading?
  • On which platform your target audience is using is it Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

3. Decide the platform that you will use:

3. Decide the platform that you will use:

After you identify the platform your target audience is using, stick to them. See the weakness and strengths of the platform that you decide on. Don’t waste your time and money on those platforms which your target audience is not using. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the four top platforms that most brands use for marketing.

4. Check out your competitor:

4. Check out your competitor:

This is the most crucial part of your social media marketing in which you have to analyze your competitor. What your competitor is producing, how they doing marketing, which platform they are using, and which campaigns they are running.

You have to produce a product that has better quality than your competitor. That’s how you grow in the market when customers see you have better quality products then they will switch their brands. How your competitor post content and how much content they post in a day are also the main things you need to focus on. Understand how they attract customers and engage with them and then create a creative strategy to attract those customers to yourself.

5. Plan your content which produces:

5. Plan your content which produces:

The content you are producing on your website will depend on different factors which include what type of product you are promoting and what is your audience preference. Also, ensure the work which depends on your goal which we discuss in step 1.

Your content will depend on the platforms that you are using which include educational videos, blog post links, memes, and other things that your audience wants. You have to include entertaining and informative content and they are directly promoting your brand.


The article consists of five social media strategies that boost your content and website. Creating an effective strategy is difficult for those who are opening a new business. Because they don’t face any hurdles in market and they didn’t face any difficulty in the market. Those who are in the market have kind of easy to create strategies for social media marketing.

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Hassan Abrar