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Rice Water Hair Care: What You Need To Be Aware Of Trying It

Rice Water Hair Care: What You Need To Be Aware Of Trying It
  • PublishedMarch 2, 2023
Rice Water Hair Care: What You Need To Be Aware Of Trying It


If you spend all your money on hair supplements and try multiple hair growth shampoos then sadly you waste your money if you didn’t get the result that you wanted exactly. Maybe you desperately need a low-cost DIY that you try quickly and get results just now.

Well, if you try more experiments and treatments then you will never hear about the rice-water treatment. The people who are using the internet and social media mostly will hear about this treatment. The purpose of rice water is anecdotal but long living in the ritual of ancient Asian culture.

The people that use Rice water believe that it will detangle their hair it will make hair smoother, and shinier, and increase the growth of their hair.

Does Rice water indeed work?

Does Rice water indeed work?

Rice water includes the liquid which you get from soaking or cooking rice and it is filled with different nutrients like amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and other different minerals. Then maybe there are some benefits of this rice water when you use it in your hair and you can search on the internet or even ask any of your friends who uses it.

Few Benefits of Rice Water:

Few Benefits of Rice Water:
  • Strengthen Hair
  • Thicken Hair strands
  • Smooth hair and detangle knots
  • Encourage healthy hair growth
  • Add a few shine in dull hairs

It is not important that rice water will benefit every person and it will grow the hair of every person. Yes, one person might get successful in this treatment and it also depends on the type of hair of that specific person. Other things matter will be texture, diet, hairstyling habits, and other genetics.

How much time does rice water take to grow your hair?

The question here is not when but it is “if” Do you know what I mean? If you look back at the properties of Gretchen Friese, a trichologist highlights the facts of rice water including eight of the 180 amino acids that make the protein that grows the hair (keratin). People who have a combination of both amino acids and antioxidants will affect hair regeneration potentially.

There is no evidence or proof for the beginner who uses rice water for the first time that it will grow their hair. There are not any large and controlled studies that support and claim that it will help in hair growth. In other words, simply I can explain to you that if you use rice water and wait for the results then you can visit a doctor in between this period. The doctor will tell you about hair loss and thinning because of this rice water.

Rice water will harm your skin?

Rice water will harm your skin?

According to the doctor, people who have skull skin will use caution and a study states that the starch in rice water will help heal damaged skin with dermatitis. But it adds through the relief which might be experienced from the use of water.

The crown on the scalp is traditionally the result of overproduction. The overproduction of yeast will lead to dandruff and other abnormal scalp condition. In the lens of a trichologist, there is a struggle and suggestion that adding highly starched water to the scalp and the hair of experience which anyone flaky. The relief experience and the use of rice water in dermatitis could also lead to exacerbating the condition.

Side Effects of Rice waiter on Hair:

You will in the world many people state in favor of using rice water for hair. Some people have experienced rice water but have fewer outcomes like protein excess on the hair cuticle, flaky buildup on the scalp, breakage, and dryness.

 Those people who have baby fine hair or hair which has poor retentiveness should have to exercise caution during experimenting with rice water. Because it has significant starch components which could cause brittleness and breaking over time.

If you have less retentiveness hair then rice water will make a buildup on the hair which will cause an extreme level of dryness and damage the hair fast.

Now you are asking that you can use rice water in your hair every day then it might be hectic. Because if you have low retentiveness or a dry scalp then rice water will be a perfect alternative to regular conditioner. You can use rice water twice a week don’t use it regular basis and you don’t need to do that also.

How much time do you leave rice water in your hair?

How much time do you leave rice water in your hair?

If you are using a product that includes rice water and other amino acids the n use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions. According to the research, between 15 to 20 minutes you can leave rice water in your hair.

  1. Use shampoo in your hair and wash it completely.
  2. Use a towel to try hairs
  3. Put the rice water in your hair
  4. Do massage the rice water in your hair and scalp.
  5. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or you can use the bag
  6. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes
  7. Wash your hair and make them in the style which you want.


People who want to use rice water in their hair can get new knowledge about this treatment. Don’t do this treatment on the daily basis you can use it twice in your hair in one week.

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Written By
Hassan Abrar