Scary Movie 4 Review

Scary Movie 4 is Better than Scary Movie 3. Because watching the third episode of the comedy series was as enjoyable as spreading organic fertilizer on the hottest day of the summer, writing that phrase falls under the heading of damning with faint praise. Scary Movie 4 doesn’t have the air of desperation that permeated Scary Movie 3, and there are enough jokes to keep the majority of viewers entertained for the bulk of its short 80-minute running time. Along with the good, there is a lot of bad, including numerous jokes that fall flat, an excessive amount of flatulence and urine, and a Leslie Nielsen in a bikini. That sequence, it must be said, puts the “scary” in Scary Movie 4.

Scary Movie 4 Combination

The plot of this movie is insignificant, thus discussing it is pointless. The films Saw, War of the Worlds, The Grudge, and The Village combined into the comedy known as Scary Movie 4. Along the way, there are jabs at other films like Fahrenheit 9/11 and Brokeback Mountain. Although it’s debatable whether these directed at the movie or the President. It doesn’t make sense how various plot lines intertwined, but it doesn’t have to.

The production team, which includes David Zucker and Jim Abrahams, two of the three creators of ZAZ, the group behind Airplane! and The Naked Gun, seek out a recognizable setting for a series of parodies and jokes. Because there too many bad jokes compared to good ones, this “saturation style” of comedy doesn’t work as well as it once did. Although watching Scary Movie 4 isn’t quite work, there are times when it feels like it.

Scary Movie 4 Review

Anna Faris, who once again plays the irrepressible Cindy Campbell, comes back for the fourth episode. Faris either has a good attitude or is in severe need of employment. Speaking of good sports, Leslie Nielsen, who is 80 years old, portrays a dim-witted George W. Bush. Nielsen performs a naked scene for the first time in his career or does he? It doesn’t matter if it’s a stunt double, though. The scene is amusing in an unsettling way. And Nielsen just embarrassed himself in Scary Movie 3, so it’s not like he could do it again. Craig Bierko, who plays the other character, gives his best Tom Cruise impersonation, which includes hopping about on a fake Oprah couch before fighting with her.

There are many cameos, however, they are all of the low quality. In the first scene, Shaquille O’Neal and Dr. Phil act out a Saw scenario. Charlie Sheen plays the same character as in Scary Movie 3. Three of Hef’s girlfriends engage in a Scrabble match. Michael Madsen excels at looking intimidating. While wearing drag, Mike Tyson nips a couple of ears. Bill Pullman also appears, hiding his face under a bushy beard, seemingly wanting to avoid being recognized as he picks up his paycheck.

What else needs to be said regarding Scary Movie 4?

It’s a long cry from the outrageous, edge-of-your-seat antics of Scary Movie, but it shares many of the same positive qualities as the original. It is a money maker for its distributors. Thus it doesn’t need to gross a lot to considered a genuine hit. Although it is completely direct-to-video quality, youngsters will nevertheless throng to see it. It’s acceptable for a few cheap laughs, but late-night cable viewing is preferable to even buying matinee tickets. This series is one of those things that will live forever.