Cristiano Ronaldo Is Selling His UK Mansion home For Record Breaking Price


What do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will back to Old Trafford Manchester United? I think No because of the way they terminate him there is no chance that he will come back. If he came back, he will find a new home after selling his great UK mansion.

The rumors have come that Ronaldo is going to sell his UK property because we know he is now playing in Saudi. The 38 years old star legend is now selling his UK Cheshire mansion home for 6.5 Million Dollars.

The luxury home of Ronaldo is located in the neighborhood of Cheshire. Cheshire is the UK version of Calabasas or the Hamptons. In short, it is the place where Manchester united rich people to buy their homes.

Ronaldo UK Home:

Ronaldo UK Home:

As you are seeing in the photo Cristiano Ronaldo’s home does not look like a traditional English Brownstone. The house is covered by a ginormous garden including an estate comprising, a main home and two guests. After looking at the house, it’s been like Cristiano’s home is like a village.

The house contains seven bedrooms itself which include bricks with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There is also a home theater in the house as well as a swimming pool. The legend is a lover of fabulous homes and we consider that when he is done with his career he will find a multi-million dollar house.

Home Ronaldo maintained in Madrid because he is previously playing for Madrid for many years. The hometown is in Funchal which was on the island of Madeira. CR7 also partners with Pestana Hotel Group to open five hotels in different countries. The two hotels will be open in Portugal, One in Marrakesh, One in New York City, and one in Madrid. The new home of CR7 is now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo Home in Saudi:

The home in Riyadh will buy in early January when Cristiano Ronaldo joins the team Al-Nassr. But the house in Saudi will not be completely ready yet and that’s why CR7 is now living in a 17-room 2-story inside the Kingdom Tower. 

The one-night stay in the hotel will be $8,000 Ronaldo is living there since January and now his total bill of him will be $500,000.

Don’t worry the five-time Ballon d’Or is earning $600,000 per week now calculate how much he will get in one month. He will be easily afforded this hotel payment but I think this amount of money is paid by his team.

Will Cristiano Leave Al-Nassr Club?

Will Cristiano Leave Al-Nassr Club?

Rumors are also coming about Ronaldo’s next move that he is leaving Saudi Club and joining Newcastle United if the club of the premier league will qualify for the Champions League.

But there is a statement that Ronaldo give when he joins Saudi Club. He said “My work is done in Europe” so according to this we can’t think about leaving Ronaldo from Al-Nassr Club.


The Five-time Champions League and Five Time Ballon d’Or Winner Cristiano Ronaldo are now going to sell his UK mansion Home. The Home will be sold for 6.5 Million Dollars.

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