Rihanna Reveals She’s Pregnant At Super Bowl Half-time Show

Rihanna Reveals She's Pregnant At Super Bowl Half-time Show


Rihanna the popular singer give a stunning performance at the Arizona state farm stadium Sunday super bowl show where she performs many songs and give a chance to fans that they enjoy the show. But the unexpected thing that shocked everyone in the show, was when the singer revealed that she is pregnant and expected a second child.

 Rihanna gave an interview last week, where the Bajan singer asked a question that there is a chance that your fans can see an unexpected guest during your performance in the super bowl show. She replied, “well I am thinking about someone to bring but we will see I am not sure about it”.

 The purpose of asking this question is that the singer did a collaboration with many singers throughout her whole career. That’s why they thought during the super show she revealed any other singer whom with Rihanna did a collaboration.

Rihanna Performance in Super Bowl Half-Time Show:

Rihanna Performance in Super Bowl Half-Time Show:

During the show, no one understands that she is pregnant, but when she performed for a few minutes and then she opened her zip to show and gives a hint to their fans. Then the people that are in the stadium believe that she is pregnant. Although, Rihanna become the number one singer who perform in Super Bowl shows during pregnancy, and broke the whole internet with her performance.

She wears a red jacket suit and reveals an open tight red layer of costume and performs for 13 minutes in the show with the surrounding of many white puffy dancers. In addition, during the performance, she appeared to stroke in the mid-section and give hint to her fans that she is pregnant.

After the 2018 Grammy Award, Rihanna did this Sunday show after 4 years and also since she become a mother. Further, she had a son nine years old and the father of her son is A$AP Rocky who is Rapper.

In 2019, Rihanna made a statement that she is going to perform in the Super Bowl show to support Colin Kaepernick. If you don’t know about Colin Kaepernick then don’t worry I will tell you. Colin Kaepernick is an NFL player who receives backlash for taking a knee when the national anthem is playing.

Rihanna’s Statement before Super Bowl Show:

The singer said something about her upcoming son in the news conference before the Sunday show. She said, “I will give my performance credit to my son and he is the reason why I am performing”. When you became a mom there is something that happened in your life and it feels like you are taking on the whole world and you can do everything in your life. In Addition, the singer said it’s important for my son to see that and it’s important for me to perform in the show this year. It’s important for me to represent myself and my son in front of my fans.  

Songs were sung by the singer in the show:

Songs were sung by the singer in the show:

Rihanna performs many songs in the Super Bowl halftime show. Here is the list of the songs she performs in the show.

  • Better Have My Money
  • Where Have You Been
  • Only Girl
  • We Found Love
  • Work
  • All of the Lights
  • Run This Town
  • Umbrella
  • Diamonds


The popular singer reveals that she is expecting a child and pregnant in the Sunday show Super Bowl Half-time. It is unexpected for her fans to understand this shocking news and she became the first lady to perform in the Sunday super show during pregnancy.

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