Red Eagle Politics

Red Eagle Politics, sometimes known as REP, is an election-American YouTuber, political strategist, and conservative political commentator. He has defined himself as a National Populist and a Paleoconservative with a few “civil libertarian” tendencies. In February 2019, Red Eagle Politics began uploading videos to YouTube.

What Kind Of Stuff Does The Channel Post And Its Reach?

His channel reached 1,000 subscribers a few months after its initial video, thanks to his “Why Trump Will Win” video, which went viral, with over 140,000 views in just a few months. The channel initially concentrated primarily on election analysis. But, it does upload videos dealing with current events and policy, as well as discuss them in live streams known as REPCasts. The channel reached 6,000 subscribers before plateauing in August 2019. However, in August, REP posted a video showing how Trump may win the 2020 election by a landslide of 400+ electoral votes. REP subsequently indicated that the film was intended to be a semi-serious parody depicting what a 400-vote landslide for Trump would look like. With approximately 300,000 views to date, it is REP’s most-viewed video. 

Growth Of Red Eagle Politics Channel:

Several further 2020 election-related films broadcast in late 2019 propelled him above the 20,000 subscriber milestone by Christmas. REP continued to broadcast polling and electoral analysis films, as well as videos about current events and strategy, in early 2020. Over time, REP’s ideology shifted away from libertarianism and neoconservatism. And he began to adopt a more National Populist viewpoint, condemning mainstream conservatives and many aspects of Donald Trump’s government that he felt did not adequately represent his 2016 campaign.

His channel became a major hub for the 2020 primaries and general election, as well as election-related news and analysis. His channel had 50,000 subscribers by early October. Companies like My Patriot Supply and Noble Gold began to sponsor him regularly. REP’s channel garnered over 2 million views and over 30,000 new subscribers in October. During this period, it became one of the most popular channels for election analysis content. REP held a live webcast after the Vice Presidential debate in mid-October, including David Carlson and Arizona political analyst Everardo “Lalo” Mercado. Carlson quickly became REP’s co-host in the subsequent feeds building up to and on election night.

Opinions On Trump’s Attitude

On November 10, 2020, REP reached 100,000 subscribers, and on November 21, 2020, it reached 101,000 subscribers. However, during the next three months, he lost 4,000 members due to a combination of skepticism about election fraud charges, political differences. And opinions on Trump’s attitude to post-election events. He has since garnered subscribers, albeit slowly. Following the 2020 election, REP released a series of videos criticizing what he saw as incompetence inside the Republican establishment. He filmed videos for the 2022 and 2024 elections, but he has shifted his focus to current events and policy. However, he also made a couple of tier list videos and battled Twitter pundit David Chapman over DeSantis, Populism, and Trump’s movement’s agenda. He is still live-streaming virtually every other day.

Moreover, REP has also expressed interest in running for political office. But has declared that he would not do so until 2026. He is 21 years old and now resides in Michigan. Though he has stated a desire to relocate to Arizona shortly. He is a devout Orthodox Christian.