Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 96th Birthday With Regal New Photo – Last Memory

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 96th birthday on April 21, 2022. However, it was a special one for the queen as she posed with her two most loved Fell ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale. 

The Royal family’s Twitter handles although stated that photographer Henry Dallal snapped the regal portrait in March at the grounds of Windsor Castle. At the time, the Queen was staying at her Sandringham accommodation. According to a Buckingham palace spokesperson, Queen Elizabeth II made the trip to Sandringham for a private, unannounced break. 

Queen Elizabeth’s “break” came shortly after she didn’t attend some important events. She missed the Easter Church service and Royal Maundy service. Both of these events were held at St. George’s Chapel in April. 

It was suspected that she closed down on her public appearances due to her tricky health conditions at the time. Queen Elizabeth also tested positive for COVID in February. She also spent a whole night in the hospital in 2021.

Regardless of the health issues, Prince Harry publicly briefed that his grandmother appeared to be “in great form”. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, both visited the Queen at Windsor Castle in the first half of April. 

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton also took to Instagram to showcase their appreciation towards Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday. Apparently, they also shared an old picture of Elizabeth sitting with seven of her great-grandchildren. The picture also featured Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip – Who died at the age of 99 in April 2021. 

“Wishing Her Majesty The Queen a very happy 96th birthday today!” the message read. “An inspiration to so many across the UK, the Commonwealth, and the world, it’s particularly special to be celebrating in this #PlatinumJubilee year.” the caption stated under the Duke and Duchess’s post. 

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker also showed their love for the Queen with a post made on Instagram. “Wishing Her Majesty The Queen a particularly special 96th birthday today, as we celebrate her Platinum Jubilee year,” stated Prince Charles and Camilla’s post. 

How could the Royal Family’s Instagram handle stay silent? The account shared a picture of Queen Elizabeth II when she was 2 years old. The caption provided us with a complete summary of the journey the Queen embarked upon whilst getting to that throne. 

“Then Princess Elizabeth, she was the eldest daughter of The Duke and Duchess of York and was never expected to become Queen,” the starting paragraph of the post stated. 

“Her life changed in 1936 when her uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated, her father became King George VI and the young Princess became the heir presumptive. Following the sad death of her father in 1952, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II aged just 25, and this year is celebrating 70 years on the throne – a first in British history.”

Queen Elizabeth II 1960

Queen Elizabeth II spoke in a Christmas broadcast from Buckingham palace. She further went on to state how eventful 1960 was for the United Kingdom as a whole. 

“I am glad at Christmas time to have this opportunity of speaking directly to all the peoples of the Commonwealth and of sending you my good wishes. My husband and our children, together with the other members of our family, join me in wishing every one of you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year,” said Queen Elizabeth II. 

Queen Elizabeth II 1971

In 1971, the Queen Proof Coin set was introduced. It was a momentous year in British coinage history because it was the year when they adopted the decimal system. 

Queen Elizabeth II 1980

In 1983, Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by her husband Prince Philip visited Seattle. It was the last stop of their Pacific Coast tour of the United States. The whole trip consisted of s total of 10 days. 

Queen Elizabeth II Coin

When Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in 1953, The Royal Mint was advised to mark the iconic occasion and historic landmark with a special set of proof coins. The process started off with clicking a portrait of the Queen. The photographs showed the queen looking to her right. 

Queen Elizabeth II 1975 Coin Value

UK British 2 New Pence is an extremely rare coin. You can hardly find this coin in todays time. This single-pence coin can be valued at almost $800. 

Who Is The Longest Living Queen?

Queen was undoubtedly the longest-living monarch in British history. She was not only the longest-living queen in British history but in the entire world history as well. Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years on the throne. Sadly, she died yesterday at the age of 96 and a wonderful reign came to an end. 

Queen Elizabeth II Rothschild

Most people make a mistake while contemplating the relationship between the Royal Family and Rothschild family. However the truth is, they are entirely not related to each other. They might have some similarities between themselves in cases of family rituals. Although all those rumours are false. If you deeply look into historic narratives, you’ll come to know that the two families haven’t had any significant relation to each other. 

Queen Elizabeth II Costume

Queen Elizabeth II has become widely known due to her bright-coloured coats and dresses paired with a matching hat. She also signatures her dressing with her quintessential handbags with pearls as jewelry and a broach on the outfit. 

What Colour Eyes Does Queen Elizabeth II Had

Queen Elizabeth II has beautiful blue eyes.