Prince Charles And Prince Andrew Are ‘No Longer Speaking’

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew’s relationship gets tossed off deeply. After the sex scandal, both have been cut off from each other. The reason for this distance can be the incident’s image on the next ruler. Future King doesn’t intend to be associated with his brother, who is disgraced by his exile from the royal family. In January, Andrew had his title stripped from his army and royal patronage.

What Do Royals Experst Say About Prince Charles And Prince Andrew?

Royal expert Neil Sean wrote for Fox News:

“Andrew faces the wrath of his older brother Prince Charles even more now than ever…

“Today the relationship is virtually non-existent due to the extra workload that Charles and William have undertaken since the Queen has almost semi-retired now, which left Andrew to fill his time watching old movies on TV — visiting his mother at the castle and plotting that comeback which may now never happen.”

He added that Charles and Andrew are ‘no longer speaking’ since they never saw eye to eye earlier.

He wrote: “It’s reported that the Queen sees Andrew as her ‘favorite’ son, and something he has played up to quite a lot despite Prince Charles having the higher public role.

“It always infuriated Charles that Andrew could do no wrong in the eyes of his mother, who had more time for him simply because she had grown into her role by the time Andrew had arrived.

“Charles has had to simply work harder he feels than ever as Andrew was known back in the day as the fun-loving party prince, good-looking and always seen with the right people at all the hottest spots plus endless model girlfriends, while Charles always appeared more sour and dour by comparison.”

Is Andrew Still An Inheritor To The Throne?

Experts have been discussing Prince Andrew’s role as a monarch. Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are both on the verge of taking over the British throne, despite having been able to step down from their official royal duties. Harry is sixth in the ascendency line to the throne, while Andrew is ninth in the line of succession.

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew: Who will be the next in line?
Prince Charles and Prince Andrew: Who will be the next in line?

The future role of Prince Andrew as a royal is unclear. Since he could be entirely removed from the monarchy if Prince Charles becomes King. We can say separation between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew is costing more to Prince Andrew. Experts debated the controversial royal family member mired in scandal since his connections to sexual trader Jeffrey Epstein was out.