Understanding The Popularity Of MKV In The Video Streaming Era

Popularity of MKV in video streaming ERA


Everyone knows about multiple MP4 formats, but most of them don’t know that MKV is the most popular format as compared to all other formats of MP4. The format is gaining so much impressive popularity because of its multiple advantages. Matroska and MKV format is something you should know about.

The reason for the popularity of MKV is that it can store multiple audio and subtitle tracks in one single file. It does just not store multiple files but it is also highly efficient in doing that without any errors or issues.

Although all the devices didn’t support the MKV format it is still popular and a favorite as compared to other video formats. There are various benefits of MKV that make this format so much different from others and we mentioned them below. So, let’s discuss those advantages so you are able to differentiate it from others.

1. Versatility:

The primary benefit of MKV is that it has unparalleled functionality and versatility. The video format can store multiple audio files along with subtitle tracks and also have the ability to keep them without any issue or error. This makes it the best for television shows and films. There are a few codes that support the MKV format which is VP9, HEVC, and H.264. These codes provide compatibility and also they are the majority of modern media players.

2. Subtitle Support:

Substitle Support

Another reason for the success of the MKV format is that it can handle multiple subtitle formats like VobSub stream, SSA, and SRT. As you know there are many people who watch multiple countries’ movies. There are also such movies that don’t have dubbed language so this format will help those people and provide subtitles. So that they can understand the content of the movie.

3. High-Quality Videos:

As I mentioned earlier that MKV files offer high-quality video playback because they are able to support that large amount of data. This will make them perfect for storing high-definition content like 4k videos and Blu-ray rips.

How can you play MKV files on MAC?

How can you play MKV files on MAC?

People who have MAC devices are using QuickTime Player for many years but unfortunately, the player has some drawbacks. So, it will not possible when you are trying to open the MKV file through QuickTime player because the format will not support it. But you have to worry because there are various methods that allow playing MKV files through QuickTime player.

1. Using Perian:

1. Using Perian:

By using Perian you can easily open and play the MKV files and it is the easiest way. The plugin of QuickTime player adds and supports multiple video formats. However, Perian will no longer be developed so there are chances that it will not work with a few macOS versions.

2. By Using AnyMP4 MAC Video Converter:

2. By Using AnyMP4 MAC Video Converter:

This is the second way to open and play the MKV files on your mac devices by using an AnyMP4 video converter. The format will allow you to convert the MKV files into the format which appropriate for the QuickTime Player. Once you have converted the file then you can easily open the file in the QuickTime player and enjoy the video.

3. Use Third-party apps and software:

However, the first two options are best for playing MKV files through QuickTime player on your mac devices. But if you didn’t interest in the above two methods then this is also the simple and easier method to play your file. All you need to install the additional and advanced video player for mac devices which is perfect for all types of video formats that are available on the internet.

There are two popular options which are the Elmedia MKV player and the VLC media player. VLC is also the most used MP4 format and it also supports various types of formats and has a customizable interface. On the other hand, Elmedia MKV provides advanced level playback options which are A-B loop and playback speed control. So, you can download the Elmedia MKV player on your MAC devices to enjoy your movies that are in MKV formats.

How to Change the Default Video Player on Mac for all videos?

Being a Mac user has many advantages but there are users in the world that are unfamiliar to them. There is something you should know you have the option to change the default video player on your MAC devices. It will cover all the videos that you want to watch.

If you are getting frustrated and tired of using QuickTime player and you want to change the video player on your Mac device. You should follow the below steps and then you will be able to change the default video player on your MAC devices.

Step 1: Pick a Video File:

First of all, choose the video which you want to play through different media players. You can pick any format that is available in your file.

Step 2: Select the “Get Info” option:

Step 2: Select the “Get Info” option:

When you select the file then right-click on your mouse or the touchpad and the options menu will open. Here, find the “Get Info” option and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the Preferred Video Player:

Step 3: Choose the Preferred Video Player:

In the Get info option, you have to click on open with and then select the preferred video player from the list. If you don’t have any preferred video player then click on other and select the media player from here.

Step 4: Change the Video Player:

If you want to change all the videos in this specific video player then check the box that appears next to “Always Open with” and then you can click on “Change All”. That’s it, the videos that are available in that files will convert into the default video player. Now, you can open it and enjoy the video.

If you want to change the default video player for one particular video:

If you want to change the default video player for one particular video:
  1. Pick a video that you want to play with different media players.
  2. Right-click on your touchpad and then the options menu will appear. From here, you need to find the Get info option and then select it.
  3. In the Get info option, click on the open with option and then select the preferred video player that you want from the list. If the video player is not on the list then click on other and you can select your media player from here.
  4. Now, you need to play one specific video with the default player so you need to uncheck the Always open with box. That’s it, the media player is selected for the specific video only.  


The default video player on mac devices is QuickTime Player which people are using over the last several years. Although, there are few users that want advanced-level options and they get bored with the features that are already available.

It is good for the company that they provide the great feature and customizable options in the device. Now, it depends on your need and preference whether the default video which is already in the device is perfect for you or not.

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