Patrick Mahomes Billion Dollar Contract

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is a quarterback that plays for Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL). He is also the son of the former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher, Pat Mahomes. He’s been into football since his college days but for the starting years, he did pursue baseball like his father. 

It goes without saying but only a set number of players achieve the success Patrick Mahomes has received over five seasons. In his first four seasons, Mahomes advanced to the Super Bowl twice and even won once. At the age of 27, he also received one NFL MVP Award. Mahomes came into the spotlight at a very quick time as many people recognized his talent and potential. 

At the age of 27, Patrick Mahomes is valued at a net worth of $45 million. He further earns $0.3 million per month. When Mahomes won the MVP Award, he became the first one to be able to do so at a such young age. 

Patrick Mahomes Staggering Contract

In 2020, Patrick Mahomes signed a world-class contract that left the NFL world in awe. Of course, people expected him to have such high numbers included in his contract but not many knew that his contract would potentially remain active for a decade. 

Mahomes’ contract has a 10-year extension with an overall value of $450 million. He will further earn $39.8 million annually across 12 years. Mahomes will also earn $25 million in bonuses and incentives. 

How Fast Can Patrick Mahomes Throw A Football?

In all fairness, Patrick Mahomes holds the joint record for throwing the fastest football in NFL history. According to official stats, threw a football for a combined record of 60 miles per hour. He even threw the ball 80 yards on a dime. 

Patrick Mahomes Injury

During his game vs the Cardinals in week 1, Mahomes suffered a heavy blow to his left wrist. Despite being injured, Mahomes still did the job and displayed an immense performance that resulted in a win for Kansas City Chiefs. However, Mahomes felt rather positive after getting injured in the first quarter of the game and gave the reporters positive feedback as well. 

“I fell on it on that first touchdown, I kind of threw my hand back and fell on it,” Mahomes briefed the reporters. “But I just got it looked at, and everything looked good.  Hopefully, it’s not something that lingers around, something that we can kind of get cleared up quickly.”

Is Patrick Mahomes Diabetic?

Professional athlete has to keep in check and balance their body and health paradigms. Similarly, Mahomes’ body reacts differently to a non-athlete. However, there hasn’t been any evidence or legit source on if Patrick Mahomes is diabetic or not. Also, it’s quite hard to hide any sort of health issue or disease whilst your every move gets watched. So all in all, it can be said that Patrick Mahomes is not diabetic.