New Bags In Victoria Beckham’s Fall Collection

After Victoria Beckham launched her monogram in January 2022, this week she went to Paris in order to debut her first line of bags. Various categories were focused upon by Victoria including classic handbags, pouches and bucket bags. The A/W 2022 collection is a blend of style and elegance amalgamated. Knitted bodysuits are also going to be a part of her campaign. 

Whilst Victoria’s visit to Paris, Anders Christian Madsen of Vogue went to see her and talk about the upcoming collection. 

New Bag Collection

As expected, Anders first asked her about the new upcoming collection of bags. “We had bags before, but that came from working on the catwalk collection and wanting to finish off a silhouette. This time we’re much more strategic about it, making sure that everything is functional and every detail is taken care of. They’re very architectural. Some are more structured, some are softer.” Stated Victoria to Anders. 

During the Q&A, Anders also brought on the topic of one of the pouches containing a men’s wristwatch as a handle. Victoria went on to explain to him how she adores men’s watches. She also shared that when Victoria got the OBE (Order of the British Empire), David Beckham bought her a watch. And she loved the bracelet detailing on it. 

“My husband bought me a watch, and I love masculine watches, and I loved the bracelet detail. So, when we were creating this pouch – which is a status thing – I thought it would be great to have something quite masculine on the bag. This watch chain detail feels like that.” Said Victoria. 

Victoria is also including a disc-shaped bag in her lineup and she feels it’s something she hadn’t seen anywhere. She also expressed her views on how to carry it. “It’s a cute little bag that you can wear on your shoulder, or in your hand, or you do a cross-body. Explained Victoria. 

The Bodysuits

Then Anders went on to ask her about the new bodysuits. 

“I don’t know if you’d call it a bodysuit or a leotard or a catsuit, but it’s an all-in-one knit piece, which is great for winter. We’re layering it with this green gabardine dress and this really nice coat, which is slightly oversized and a little bit cocoon-shaped, which you see through some of the outerwear pieces this season.” Victoria expressed her views. 

Then the question we’ve all been waiting for was asked. The bodysuits look very complicated to style at the very first glance. So Anders asked Victoria that is the bodysuit made to be worn on its own.

Not on its own, but I would wear it with a dress over the top. I would wear it with a skirt over the top. We’ve been doing polo-neck bodies for a while, and they’re great layering pieces. They really can finish off an outfit and make it very considered. With this knitted one, you’d absolutely put a dress over the top.

Victoria Beckham