MR Crypto – The Ultimate Crypto Guide

Hardly anyone could debate that crypto had a sensational year so far. There has been a constant decline and experts referred to it as the “crypto crash”. Well, the good thing is that crypto has started picking up pace now and is gradually coming out of that substandard patch. The recovery phase is well and truly initiated, to say the least. 

In March 2022, the crypto market cap faced a surge after months and went to $2.01 trillion. Following the same month and the same day, the Meta Ruffy (MR) crypto also surged over 8.5%. 

What Is Meta Ruffy (MR) Crypto?

The Meta Ruffy (MR) crypto was officially launched in February 2022. It’s a metaverse-based crypto that aims towards combining blockchain, web3, and augmented virtual reality. The company further idealizes becoming an important stakeholder in the world of the metaverse. They are also currently working on making an open world of their own titled “Ruffy World”. 

The Ruffy World will consist of many entertaining elements such as spas, pubs, resorts, and a stadium. The most alluring factor is that there will be a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in their world as well. It is called the “Ruffy Mall”. 

MR says that users will be allowed to purchase NFTs from the mall alongside creating their own. Users will also have the ability to create their own shops and even sell them. All this would be brought to a possibility with an NFT builder which will be for free. 

Why Is Meta Ruffy Rising?

The constant rise of MR is dependent on the continuous developments the company is making. The company’s CEO Cihan Sasmaz also attended the Dubai Crypto Expo accompanied by his team. The Expo lasted for two days (16 and 17 March).

During the event, Meta Ruffy was awarded the title of “Most Innovative Company 2022”. That was all due to the excellent meta-based open world they have created. They also registered a potent number of land sales as well. In the Ruffy World, users can easily become a landowner. That can be done through the company’s own decentralized app called the DApp. 

On top of that, MR announced that each landowner will get a free NFT as a gift. Many corporations and individuals landed a request at the given spot during the Expo event. Several collaborations have also begun between brands asking MR to use their names in the Ruffy World. 

The aforementioned developments and advancements have laid down the foundation for Meta Ruffy to become a potent name in the world of crypto. 

What Is MR’s Value?

At of the time of writing, one MR is equivalent to 0.0000009442 USD.