Life Is What Happens While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans,” astutely observed John Lennon. What a wise observation that is. You can plan for the future all you want, but nothing will change the fact that you must live your life day by day and moment by moment. Setting goals is a terrific way to give your life direction, but life happens in the now. The process of becoming who or what we are wanting to become seems to be completely ignored by many of us as we become overly preoccupied with achieving our goals. We romanticize the idea we have of what it means to be successful in the music business to the point that the process and journey of becoming successful feel like a burden.

Is Making Goals Any Good?

Our lives have a sense of direction and purpose when we have goals that are meaningful to us while you’re busy making other plans. Setting goals can be a great way to be motivated to start acting and moving in the right direction. More than merely a means to an end, objectives are a potent means through which we can develop and better ourselves. To start down a path of learning and development, you must have a goal. Without objectives, it’s all too simple to drift through life without making any real progress.

What Are The Problems With Setting Goals?

Even though having objectives and a feeling of purpose can be inspiring and are undoubtedly more beneficial than harmful, having objectives can occasionally backfire. If we are not careful, the very objectives we set for ourselves may turn into enslaving expectations for a future that has not yet arrived. We fail to enjoy our daily lives because we believe that we must “make it” no matter what. We lose sight of the process of becoming who we are trying to become because we so focused on our objectives and what we want to achieve.

When we don’t succeed quickly enough to appease our egos, we feel dissatisfied. In other words, we so focused on the final product of “making it” that the process itself becomes a hardship. To hasten our journey to achievement, we rush through the tasks that must completed. You miss out on the true purpose of life when you refuse to embrace the journey toward whatever it is that you are aiming to achieve in life.

What Is The Solution?

The answer is to enjoy the process of accomplishing your goals. The greatest thing is to not feel burdened or dragged down by your ambitions, even if you still have a lot of them. Your objectives should simply be an arrow leading you in the direction of your ambitions. They ought to steer you in the right way. We must understand how closely the process and the outcome are related. The path comes along with the achievement of a goal.