Kate Moss, Johnny Depp’s Ex-Girlfriend, Tells How She Gave Up Partying For Wellness

Fans were shocked as former party girl Kate Moss discussed her very chill routine for a magazine. The hard-partying ex-boyfriend of Johnny Depp spoke with Vogue about how he changed to a more peaceful lifestyle that included yoga, tea, and meditation.

Without makeup, Kate, who appeared to be the new face, stated: “I’m meditating, doing yoga, just being healthy.” Everything that can help you feel more balanced and grounded. So when I was younger and I started doing shows, I would sit down to do my makeup. The 48-year-old supermodel told fans of her beauty tricks. The other models started to leave the restroom as I watched them.

kate moss without makeup

“What are they doing?” I wondered. I continued to watch them as they corrected their makeup, something I was unable to manage at the moment. Girls’ entire faces will transform. You will get into so much trouble if this happens right now, so of course, it won’t.

Vogue Posted The Instagram Clip 

The first step in Kate Moss’ daily regimen is a cup of don tea. She considers to be her secret to inner beauty. The lifestyle of the British supermodel and style icon is very different from the one for which she gained fame. Kate previously discussed how her lifestyle had an impact on her health. Claiming that her nervous system and adrenal glands were “f***ed.”

Vogue Posted The Instagram Clip 

The actress introduced a 12-step recovery program and claimed she wanted to “heal” them, referring to the self-help book The Big Book.

 The amazing ex-boyfriend of Depp claims that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor gave him the first diamond of his life. However, by telling the truth as a witness in the defamation case against Amber Heard, Kate Moss managed to save the actor.

When Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard was being challenged by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Moss practically appeared to rebut testimony that Depp had pushed Moss down the stairs while the two were dating in the 1990s.

According to the Sunday Times, Moss told the Desert Island Discs, “I know the truth about Johnny. I was forced to speak the truth. However, she also stated in the interview that she is a supporter of “fairness and justice.” One of the most widely covered events of the six-week trial, which ended in a judgment largely in favor of Depp, was Kate Moss’ testimony.