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Julia Fox Support Brother’s $450,000 Bail Bond In NYC Court Case

Julia Fox Support Brother’s $450,000 Bail Bond In NYC Court Case
  • PublishedMarch 15, 2023


The Italian Actress Julia Fox co-signed the bail of $450,000 for her brother with her disaffect father after their Manhattan apartment was raided by the police last week.

During Raid, the police arrest the brother of Julia whose name is Christopher Fox and his age is 33. The brother of Julia was arrested because of suspicion of running a ghost gun peddling operation. This operation was done in his Upper East Side apartment and he shared it with his father Thomas Fox.

Why Christopher Fox is being arrested?

Why Christopher Fox is being arrested?

Julia signed the bond for her brother’s bail. It will allow her brother to get released from the Island of Rikers on Monday. Christopher Fox is being accused of using 3D Painters to make a gun that is assembled and sold as a ghost gun. The report is proved by the prosecutors.

The father of Fox didn’t have any charge regarding this news but he knows about the operation and what his son doing in his apartment. The brother of Julia Fox is charged with the criminal possession of a controlled substance. It is a manufacture of a machine gun and the manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device. According to the report, Julia cut off from her father and brother for the last few years.

But the actress of Uncut Gems Julia Fox put his all matters with her father and brother behind and she was seen upset because it is her brother. Julia Fox lived his early life with her grandfather before shifting to New York.

The registration of the bail shows that Julia and her parents are signed off on the bond with the star listing her occupation as the model with the word retired. According to the report of the Authorities, the bail of Fox was backed by assets that relate to both Julia and her father. 

The court hearing of Christopher Fox

In the court hearing, he said that between March 2018 to December 2022, Fox purchased at least 190 ghost guns worth $7600. All of these items are delivered to the home of Christopher Fox. Plus, more than $8000 cash is recovered but the NYPS didn’t get a single item which reflects that he is manufacturing the ghost guns and selling them in the market.


Julia Fox paid $450,000 to release her brother on bail as he was arrested on Monday from his apartment. Christopher Fox was arrested because of making ghost guns and then selling them from her apartment. The father of Fox knows about it but he didn’t involve in the operation.

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Hassan Abrar