Julia Fox Movies List

Julia Fox was born in Milan to an Italian mother and an American father. For the first several years of her life, she lived with her grandfather. She relocated to New York City with her father when she was six years old.

Fox began her career as a clothing designer before launching a popular women’s knitwear company. She also worked as a model and was a recognized photographer and painter. She is currently a successful actress who has been in several films. This article will let you know about Julia Fox’s movie list.

Following is the Julia Fox movies list with descriptions

Uncut Gems:

Fox made her feature film debut in the 2019 Safdie brothers Uncut Gems Netflix film, in which she played the mistress of the movie’s main character, Howard Ratner played by Adam Sandler, an unpredictable jewelry dealer, and gambler. After meeting Josh Safdie by coincidence in a café in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, Fox had been acquainted with the Safdie brothers for almost ten years. However, it was a flop film.


Fox appeared in the Canadian brothers Chris and Adam Levett’s Puppet, which they both wrote and directed. Puppet (2020) is a psychedelic psychodrama that, through a highly improvised script that parodies real-life events and interactions, focuses on the harsh truths of despair, the unpleasant side of fame, and bleak experiences with aggressive males. In her film career, this movie was a success.

PVT Chat:

One can only admire Fox’s boldness for continuing to accept daring and difficult roles, as she does in Ben Hozie’s “PVT Chat,”. It is a filthy little spitball of a film that takes a trawl through the contemporary sexual underbelly of New York City.

Although the protagonist of “PVT Chat” is addicted to online blackjack rather than high-stakes sports betting, there are undoubtedly some superficial similarities to Safdie’s film Uncut Gems. Additionally, the presence of both Fox and “Good Time” scene-stealer Buddy Duress in a brief but memorable role only strengthens the comparison.

No Sudden Move:

No Sudden Move, directed by Steven Soderbergh, stars Julia Fox as Vanessa Cappelli. Similar to the parts she performed in her prior movies, her character develops similarly. She certainly has characteristics in common with her fictional self. Fox is familiar with the circumstance, and she enjoys challenging the stigma. It was a professional roadblock for her.

Acting For A Cause: 

Brando Crawford’s career as a director and producer starts with the live-reading series Acting for a Cause, which creates in reaction to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. In the series, Julia Fox played an intriguing character. In her career, this series was also a huge success.

Julia Fox movies are currently quite profitable in box office revenues. However, she delivered back-to-back films in the profitable industry. She is now among Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. However, she has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Most Promising Performer award from the Chicago Film Critics Association. She was also a nominee for the Best Supporting Actress award from the Toronto Film Critics Association.