Jack Carr Books In Order

For those of you who don’t know who Jack Carr is. What about an author who has lived this life? Many authors have written some of the most wonderful mystery/thriller books that touch on the subject of military action, themes of espionage, spies, action-filled storyline, etc. Jack Carr books is first and foremost a skilled and knowledgeable vet. Carr spent more than 20 years in the military and has first-hand knowledge of some of the most dangerous actions.

Carr’s background as a Naval Special Warfare enlisted SEAL sniper and junior officer in charge of a squad doing some of the most dangerous missions in the most hostile environments has influenced some of the most gripping and thrilling stories in his book series. There are just five books since Carr just started to write in 2018. The James Reece series is a common name for his books. Here is a list of the five jack carr books in this series to read, followed by a summary of each book’s storyline.

List of Jack Carr Books In Order

The Terminal List

Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s whole team died in a terrible ambush during his most recent military assignment. Reece learns that the deaths of those closest to him on the day of his return home resulted from a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government rather than a war crime committed by an enemy country.

The Terminal List

Reece now uses the skills he’s learned through more than ten years of nonstop combat to exact revenge on his family. And comrades after growing up without a family and released from the military’s leadership structure. He targets his opponents at the highest levels of power with cold-blooded precision and unrelenting suspense, disregarding both the rules of battle and the rule of law.

True Believer

The broader markets tank when a series of horrifying terrorist acts rock the Western world around the holidays. A mysterious former Iraqi commando who vanished into the European underworld is organizing the attacks. James Reece, the most wanted domestic terrorist alive, is a resource that the United States government can use to turn the Iraqi against his employers.

true believer

Reece emerges from the Mozambican jungle under the protection of the family of his estranged best friend and fellow former SEAL Squad member after exacting revenge for the murders of his family and team members. When his locations are discovered, the CIA recruits him using Reece’s presidential pardon and the allies he enlisted to aid him in his vengeance mission’s immunity.

Reece travels the world as a reluctant tool of the US government, hunting down terrorist leaders, exposing a corrupt CIA officer in geopolitical intrigue, and exposing a deadly assassination plot with worldwide repercussions.

Savage Son

A disloyal CIA agent has taken refuge with the Russian mafia to see that a certain former Navy SEAL sniper gets executed. While recovering from brain surgery halfway around the world, James Reece is slowly putting his life back together with the aid of Katie Beranek, an investigative reporter, and Raife Hastings, a longtime friend, and SEAL comrade.

Savage Son

The reece target of a deadly cat-and-mouse game played by the Russian mafia. Jack Carr investigates the deepest instincts of humanity in his most dramatic and heart-pounding thriller to date through the perspective of a man who has experienced both the best and worst of it.

The Devil Hand

Twenty years have passed since 9/11. It has been 20 years since an attack on American territory that started a 20-year conflict. The adversary has been persistent, perceptive, and flexible. The adversary also prepared to retaliate.

the devil hand

A country tired of war gives hope to a new president. Young, well-liked, and self-made, he is a visionary. Nevertheless, he is a guy with a secret. A regional superpower halfway around the world battles sanctions put in place by the Great Satan and her allies in Europe, a nation whose ancient faith gave rise to a gang of deadly killers. When faced with internal strife and extrajudicial targeted executions by the US and Israel, the Supreme Leader devises a strategy to overthrow the superpower.

In the meantime, a young Ph.D. student has gotten access to a bioweapon that was formerly believed to be hidden in a classified military lab that was only accessible to a small group of officials. He is a second-generation agent who has been given a mission that would destroy his adopted country.

In The Blood

After completing a targeted killing for the state of Israel, a woman boards an aircraft in the African nation of Burkina Faso. Her plane gets destroyed by the skies two minutes later.

in the blood Jack Carr Books

James Reece, a former Navy SEAL, is located more than 6,000 miles away and is watching the names and images of the fatalities on TV news. One face brings up a dim memory of a Mossad agent working with the CIA in Iraq years earlier a lady with connections to both countries’ intelligence agencies. Reece believed he would never see her again. Reece recruits friends from all across the world, both old and new, to help find her killer, but he might be stepping into a trap.

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