iPad Cases With Pencil Holders

We all take deep care of our belongings and especially those that are related to tech. Similarly, we look after our iPads like babies (at least I do). Well the most gut wrenching thing about these devices is that even if a single thing connected to them goes missing, the whole paradigm gets disturbed. In this article we’re going to breakdown them. 

The most easily misplace-able accessory related to an iPad is the stylus or what Apple calls it, the Apple Pencil. It is easy to fall off whilst you’re walking or running and it can also be easily forgotten. Losing it is one thing but an ineffective handling of it can pose a much bigger problem. 

The best way to remove and permanently eliminate the issue of your Apple Pencil getting lost or faulty, is to get an iPad cover that holds the stylus. In simpler words, an iPad cover with a pencil holder. The job of the cover would be to keep your Apple Pencil out of harms way and provide it to you whenever needed. Some of you might question that giving a mere pencil this value is a bit far fetched. However, it still manages to make some tasks easy for you. Such as typing with dirty or oily hands, drawing and sketching. 

So here are the best pencil holding covers for your iPads. 

Ascend Hybrid Case – $39.99

  • Provides hybrid protection
  • Comes with a next-gen sort feature, auto sleep and awake
  • Light in weight and feels slim whilst using
  • Does no harm to the battery health despite most covers proving harmful
  • Detachable Magnetic Cover

Rebound Pencil Case – $29.99

  • Provides full coverage and protection to the iPad
  • Allows the owners to attain a personalised pencil holder
  • Also comes with a sleep and awake feature
  • Proven lightweight and slim
  • Scratch Resistant 

Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case – $114.99

  • Provides full protection and coverage to the iPad
  • A rock-firm magnetic lock provides more safety, protection and privacy
  • Quick to respond keyboard with zero errors and faults
  • Comes with a multifunctional trackpad
  • Allows the owners to enjoy a healthy battery that lasts longer