I Am Women Emmy Meli Writing A Song About Self-love, And Starting A TikTok Trend

Emmy Meli, a US singer, was bartending at a Long Beach golf course at this time last year while also composing songs. Meli, 22 currently hail as a potential popstar after releasing a successful song with Sony Music. And focusing her whole attention on the creation of her debut EP. A small percentage of an online song that was released is what caused the change in luck. To her 5,000 TikTok subscribers, Meli shared a 45-second clip of the unfinished song “I Am Woman” in October.

The post, in which Meli sings the inspiring words “I am woman, I am fearless / I am sexy, I’m divine / “, went viral in less than 24 hours. More than 200,000 people saw the video for “Honey, you can get in line / I’m unbeatable, I’m creative.”

Following the buzz, women started using Meli’s voice as the music for compilations of images that matched each of the descriptions in her songs on TikTok. Meli has more than 620,000 fans on TikTok, where I Am Woman has earned 34 million views to date.

Taking The Opportunity

After almost five months, Meli is still struggling to comprehend what has occurred. She tells The National that “it is wonderful to see how something like that explodes and becomes a sensation.” It’s incredible to see how the internet functions. And how it can change your entire life by reaching so many people overnight.

I am Women Emmy Meli Song
I am Women Emmy Meli Song

But things haven’t gone without a hitch. In addition to giving the ambitious artist a profile she could only have imagined, Meli also has to deal with the less desirable features of online fame, which include a fair number of nasty trolls.

When something like that comes to you so suddenly, she claims, you don’t have time to adjust. “I had a lot of anxiety and a few fairly significant mental breakdowns,” she admits. “The internet is a cruel place, and it takes time for you to adjust. It requires conceptualizing because you have to accept that. Irrespective of what you do, people will either adore you or despise you.”

The Most Satisfying Time

The full version of I Is Woman delivers on its promise. And was released on November 18, almost exactly one month after she post the TikTok video. A powerful baseline has add to the warm synths and sturdy drums we heard on the post. Meli’s dynamic vocals, which vary from a rich, smoky croon to mid-paced rapping and scatting, are used in the new verse.