How to Watch the “After” Films In Order

Happily ever afters is not a guarantee of love. Get your Box of tissues ready, because After Ever Happy, the fourth film in the After Film, will hit theaters on September 7, 2022. The after film series, which is based on the best-selling book by Anna Todd, centers on the relationship between the gentle and pure Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and the dangerously rebellious Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). Theirs is a passionate but turbulent one. The After film, which is currently a hit phenomenon, explores what it takes to maintain the spark in a relationship.

Here’s A List Of After Films in Order


After introducing Tessa Young, a recent high school graduate and undeclared economics major who is ready to begin her first day at Washington Central University. She is joined by her high school sweetheart, Noah Porter, and her devoted but sometimes strict mother, Carol Young, on the day of her move-in. Tessa’s roommate Steph Jones and her boyfriend Tristan welcome her when she arrives. Steph and Tristan are all into the party scene, in contrast to the diligent Tessa. Tessa manages to get along with her new companions despite this and makes herself at home in her hostel.

After" Films In Order

Tessa accepts Steph’s invitation to a party at a frat house with reluctance. There, Tessa meets the rest of Steph and Tristan’s gang, including Hardin Scott, the mysterious boy she first encountered in her dorm room. As part of the Truth or Dare game that the group suggests, Tessa is challenged to kiss Hardin. She politely declines, leaves the gathering, and unintentionally wanders about Hardin’s home. As Hardin enters abruptly, Tessa pauses before snapping out of it and walking away.

Hardin convinces Tessa to go to a lake cottage with him for the next few days. Before they realize it, the two are having sexual relations and end up kissing in the sea. The love, however, is short-lived, and it becomes clear later in the film that Hardin is adamant about the idea of dating. She ignores Hardin out of heartbreak, but after Hardin has an emotional outburst at home, she changes her mind.

However, she spends some time at home before going back to school and submitting an application for an internship at Vance Publishing. She devotes longer hours to her classes. Her professor pulls her aside the day before she is due to turn in her English paper essay. And hands her an essay that sounds like it was written specifically for Tessa. Tessa and Landon relax on the college grounds following the end of class. The essay, which is a letter from Hardin confessing his emotions for her, is read by the woman.

After We Collided

Beginning with Hardin dreaming of Tessa, After We, Collided shows him waking up alone in his automobile, concerned that Tessa hasn’t been responding to his texts. A homeless man who is frantically looking for someone suddenly approaches Hardin as he gets out of his car, and Hardin has to shoo him away. Meanwhile, Tessa starts her first day as an intelligent intern at Vance Publishing. After a strange encounter with her new coworker, Trevor Matthews, things start to go wrong. Tessa is greeted right away by Christian Vance, the founder of Vance Publishing, and Kimberly, the secretary (who it is later revealed is Vance’s romantic interest).

After We Collided

Tessa takes her coworkers to a club one evening to attract a potential investor. However, things became heated and heavy after having too many drinks. Tessa contacts Hardin while drunk and gloats about how much fun she’s having, from dancing with strangers to one unintentional kiss. The two head back to their hotel room after Trevor unexpectedly comes across her. Tessa begs Trevor to take off his clothes. So she may wash out the stains when she inadvertently spills her wine on his clothing. Hardin suddenly bursts into the room, cursing at a half-naked Trevor and ordering him out. The two’s wrath short-lived, and ultimately they fall asleep together.

But the serenity of their reunion short-lived. Tessa quickly accepts the complex jumble that is her professional life as well as her actual feelings for Hardin. When Hardin’s mother Trish Daniels unexpectedly pays him a visit to the United States and befriends Tessa, things get even more complicated. In addition, Tessa embarks on a hunt for her father, who makes an unexpected appearance in the finale.

After We Fell

Although Tessa and Hardin are now living together happily in After We Fell, they still harbor deep-seated insecurities about who they are. Tessa given the chance to join the Seattle branch of Vance Publishing. Hardin doesn’t feel the same way about the chance as she does, despite her excitement. He worries that their distance relationship won’t work out and causes further problems. Additionally, the fact that Hardin initially intended to move Tessa to London after graduation doesn’t help.

After We Fell How to Watch the "After" Films In Order

Tessa nevertheless seizes the chance to move to Seattle. Hardin, who suffers from extreme jealousy, feels even more envious because she will be in the same city as Trevor. Tessa is attempting to rekindle her relationship with her estranged father, whom she hasn’t seen in nine years while dealing with other difficulties. Despite Hardin’s initial reluctance to meet Tessa’s father for fear of being harmed, he discovers a connection with him as they discuss their alcoholism.

Up until Hardin brings Tessa to London for his mother’s wedding, everything seems to be going OK. He is initially reluctant because he fears Tessa would criticize his past and place of origin. Hardin extends Tessa an invitation to his mother’s wedding with Vance’s support. Although everything seems to be going well, happiness is fleeting. Hardin unintentionally witnesses Vance having sex with his mother the evening before his mother’s wedding. When Kimberly learns of Vance’s cheating habits, she is enraged. When Vance tells Hardin a long-kept secret, things turn bad.

After Ever Happy

Hardin falls into a pit of misery from which he cannot recover when he learns the horrible family secret. Tessa is tired of trying to get Hardin out of his situation only to discover that Hardin is the only one who can.

After Ever Happy

Tessa eventually advises that they take a break from each other, much to Hardin’s dismay. They eventually split ways and take some time to determine what they genuinely want out of life. At first, Hardin is upset about the concept. They will likely run into each other again in the future, giving them the chance to either repair their friendship or keep making the same mistakes. Is desire enough to maintain their relationship on its own? Or is this the end for Hardin and Tessa?