How To Use Face ID For App Store

How do I activate Face ID on the App Store?

To use Face ID to purchase material from the iTunes Store, App Store, or Book Store. Just go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and turn on iTunes & App Store. Then take the following steps:

  • Open the iTunes Store, App Store, or Book Store, and then tap on an item you want to purchase.
  • When prompted to pay, double-click the side button and have a look at your iPhone or iPad. If you’re wearing a face mask that covers your mouth and nose and Face ID with a mask isn’t enabled, tap Pay with Passcode instead and enter your passcode.
  • Wait for Done and a checkmark to appear on the screen.

Why is my Face ID not working in the Apple Store?

Learn what to do if you need help using Face ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad, authenticate purchases, sign in to apps, or if you’re required to input your passcode.

Check back for updates.

  • Update your iPhone or iPad to the most recent iOS or iPadOS version. Additionally, be certain that your iPhone or iPad model supports Face ID.

Examine your Face ID settings.

  • Go to Settings, then Face ID & Passcode to check your Face ID settings. Check that Face ID is enabled and that the features for which you want to use Face ID are enabled.

Make sure nothing is blocking the TrueDepth camera.

  • Remove any obstructions to the TrueDepth camera, such as dirt, a case, or a screen protector.
  • Make sure your finger or palm isn’t covering the TrueDepth camera when using an iPad in landscape mode. If it is, an alert with the words “Camera covered” and an arrow pointing to the TrueDepth camera may display at the top of the screen.

Check that your face is not obstructed.

  • Ensure that the TrueDepth camera can see your eyes, nose, and mouth. Face ID does not operate by default if your mouth and nose are covered. Make sure your eyes aren’t blocked if you’re using a face mask and have already set up Face ID with a mask. If you’re wearing a face mask, you may need to raise your iPhone. Your iPhone may not unlock if you wear a face mask that is too high or too close to your eyes.
  • Many sunglasses are compatible with Face ID, while Face ID with a mask isn’t supposed to function with sunglasses. If you’re using sunglasses that are meant to prevent specific types of light, they may be blocking the infrared light used by the TrueDepth camera. Experiment with Face ID without your sunglasses.

Ascertain that you are facing the TrueDepth camera.

  • Face ID only works on the iPhone when it is in portrait mode and you are facing the TrueDepth camera. When your iPad is in any orientation, you can utilize Face ID.
  • The TrueDepth camera offers a similar field of view to that of a selfie or a FaceTime call. Whether you’re resting on a surface or holding your iPhone or iPad in a natural position, make sure it’s an arm’s length or closer (10-20 inches) from your face.

Reboot your device.

  • Enter your passcode and restart your iPhone or iPad. Then try using Face ID once more.

Include a different appearance.

Face ID will continuously learn as most users change. If you have a unique appearance, you can put up an alternate appearance so Face ID can still recognize you.

To create a different appearance:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then Face ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  2. Set an Alternate Appearance by tapping the Set Up an Alternate Appearance button.
  3. Place your face inside the frame by looking straight into your iPhone or iPad.
  4. To complete the circle, move your head gently. Tap Accessibility Options if you can’t move your head.
  5. When you’ve completed the first Face ID scan, hit Continue.
  6. Move your head gently to complete the circle a second time.
  7. When the Face ID setup is finished, press Done.

Face ID should be reset.

  • If you still need assistance, reset Face ID and set it up again. Go to Settings, select Face ID & Passcode, and then select Reset Face ID. Next, tap Set up Face ID to re-enable it.

Obtain assistance

  • If you are still unable to enroll your face, please contact Apple Support.
  • Your equipment should only be serviced by a trained technician. Improper repair, modification, or use of nongenuine Apple components in laser systems may prevent the safety mechanisms from working properly, resulting in dangerous exposure and skin harm.

If you are prompted to enter your passcode, do so.

In the following cases, you may need to input your passcode or Apple ID instead of using Face ID:

  • You’re wearing a mask and haven’t configured Face ID with a mask.
  • The device was recently turned on or rebooted.
  • More than 48 hours have passed after the smartphone was unlocked.
  • The passcode hasn’t been used to unlock the handset in six and a half days, and Face ID hasn’t unlocked it in four hours.
  • A remote lock command was sent to the device.
  • After five failed attempts to match a face.
  • After initiating power off/Emergency SOS by simultaneously pushing and holding the volume and side buttons for 2 seconds.

What is the most affordable iPhone with Face ID?

If you prefer a more modern-looking iPhone with Face ID and a full-screen front, the iPhone XR is the cheapest option, beginning at £499/$499.