How To Take Screenshot On Snapchat Without Knowing Sender

How To Take Screenshot On Snapchat


Having Millions of active users, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms and it continues its growth to maintain its popularity. The platform provides its user’s privacy and exclusivity through self-destructing messages function and this makes them stand up from other messaging apps.

 When Snapchat first came into the internet, everyone takes screenshots of someone’s conservation and the 2nd person didn’t get notified. Because of the exclusive feature now, it is difficult to take screenshots because the 2nd person will get notified when you take screenshots. So, now everyone is asking how to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

There have been multiple methods to elude the notification over the past few years. Some apps might capture the screenshot for you through a third party. Screen Captures occasionally avoid the detection. The notification might be disabled if we activate the Airplane mode. Except for this approach, Snapchat always fixes it.

Although, many people are not conscious of someone taking a screenshot of their snaps and then Snapchat alerts the sender through notification. But the problem is how to save that snap without knowing the sender. So, we will discuss the process of how to take screenshots on Snapchat without knowing the sender in this article.

4 Reasons to Take a Screenshot on Snapchat without Notifying the Sender:

4 Reasons to take a screenshot on snapchat without notifying the sender

On social media platforms, it is dangerous to honor the privacy and trust of other people by taking screenshots of their snaps or conservation. It might be involved in an unethical and intrusive way when you don’t have permission to take screenshots.

Here are the 4 reasons why you take screenshots on Snapchat:

To gather proof:

If someone gets harassed or bullied by another person on Snapchat then he/she might want to capture the screenshot of the harassing snap. It will consider as proof or evidence in court.

To keep a Memory:

Sometimes people take screenshots of conservation and snaps of another person to save that special moment or to record it. Maybe they didn’t want the sender will know that because it might be considered unsettling or intrusive.

To maintain a Record:

If someone receives important instructions from a Snapchat official then he might take a screenshot of it. So that he will remember that information or instruction in the future.

To Share with others:

While some people want to share the picture with their friends and it is possible that the sender doesn’t agree with it. Taking screenshots in this situation will allow the recipient to share the snap with friends without going against the desires of the sender.

It is important to remember that taking screenshots of snaps of other people without their permission can be an offense to their confidence and privacy. Maybe it has some unfavorable effects on both the recipient and sender. So that is why we recommend, it is always better to get express consent before capturing the screenshot.

6 Methods to take screenshots on Snapchat without someone knowing:

1. Using Another Device:

This is the best method and it is utilized by many people in the world who want to take screenshots on Snapchat without knowing the sender. Follow the steps to do this method.

  • First, open the Snapchat app on one device and wait for the snap to open.
  • Use a different device like a smartphone or any camera to take picture of the snap when it gets opened.
  • When the picture doesn’t take from the device in which the snap is opened, the sender will not notification of it.

2. Use Google Assistant:

2. Use Google Assistant:

 This is another tool for Android users for their disposal for secretly take screenshots of someone on Snapchat.

  • Open the Snapchat app and then open the snap on your android device that you want to save.
  • Now activate Google Assistant by holding the home button.
  • You can say “Hey Google I want you to take a screenshot when you hold the device closer to your lips.
  • A pop-up menu will appear on your screen with multiple sharing choices after you take the screenshot on your device. The screenshot will not save in your gallery automatically. You have to send that screenshot to another app to access it.

3. Use Screen Mirroring:

3. Use Screen Mirroring:

Another efficient method to stop the Snapchat screenshot notification is to open the mirror option. So that your device will be connected to the other device or PC before taking a screenshot of someone’s snap on Snapchat.

Although, you need screen mirroring software so you will be able to open a Snapchat account on the computer and covertly screenshot a snap. The Snapchat app will not recognize the screenshot and this technique of using mirroring software to take screenshots is very helpful. As a result, it will not give a notification to the sender.

In addition, you can also this technique to take screenshots of someone’s stories on Snapchat. To cast your device screen to PC more profoundly, you should use this decent application for the above purpose.

4. Use Screen Recording App:

4. Use Screen Recording App:

This is another method to take screenshots of someone’s snap on Snapchat without knowing the sender. Follow the steps to do it by using the screen recording app.

First of all install and download screen recording software such as DU Recorder or you can use an inbuilt screen recorder on your device.

  • Open the Snapchat app and then open the screen recording software.
  • Click on start recording and then play snap. Record that snap in the effective frame.
  • Stop the screen recording and exit the Snapchat app when the snaps end.
  • Because the app only records the screen, the sender is unaware that you take screenshots of the snap through recording.

For a person who wants to record long videos and multiple snaps, this technique is helpful for them.  

5. Using Airplane Mode:

5. Using Airplane Mode:

This is the most usable method as compared to all other methods to take screenshots on Snapchat without knowing the sender. Follow the below steps to take screenshots through this method:

  • Open the Snapchat app and then open the snap which you want to save.
  • Open the control center of your mobile where Airplane Mode exist. You can do it by swiping down from the bottom on your iPhone and swiping from the top on Android after that activate Airplane Mode.
  • Now, take a screenshot of the snap.
  • Close the Snapchat app and disable Airplane Mode.

That’s it, the sender will not get any notification that you take a screenshot of their snap and you can verify it by reopening Snapchat again.

You can successfully allow Snapchat to believe that your mobile phone is not connected to the internet when you take screenshots. The Airplane Mode feature stops the app to send a notification to the sender.

6. Utilizing Mac to Record Snapchat without being notified:

  1. Launch QuickTime Player by using spotlight search so that you connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  2. Select the file from the top categories and then click on New Movie Recording
  3. Select your iPhone device as the camera input through click on the drop-down arrow which appears next to the record option.
  4. Your Mac will now display the image from your device. Start screen capturing from your iPhone to Mac so it will record the snaps.
  5. If you want to just take picture of the snap instead of recording it, simply hit Command + Shift + 4 on your Mac.

While in many situations, taking screenshots secretly is helpful but it is important to respect the privacy of another person. Here are the 5 ways to keep your information private and secure on Snapchat.

5 Tips to Protect your Privacy on Snapchat:

1. Use Snapchat Privacy Feature:

Many privacy options are available in Snapchat apps like Ghost Mode and Only My Friends. These options create a limit to the people who can see your snaps and who will know your location. Use these features, if you manage who views your content on Snapchat.

2. Be Careful what you share:

Only send and post that snaps and stories which is okay for you when they will be seen by other people. You lose control when you send a snap or upload a story and don’t know what the receiver did with that snap.

3: Upgrade your App often:

Upgrade Snapchat regularly so that you will able to use the most recent features of security and bug patches.

4. Limit who can add you as a friend on Snapchat:

By customizing your Snapchat setting you can set who can add you as a buddy. Set those people who you know and believe in them.

5. Watch out for third-party apps:

It might be not safe to use third-party apps that guarantee you and allow you to save and view pictures without the sender’s information. These kinds of applications may violate your privacy or even include malicious code.


Taking screenshots on Snapchat secretly will be helpful in some situations. Although, it is important to remember that you have to honor the privacy of other people and use the above techniques when you want them.

You can easily capture a screenshot of someone’s story or snap on Snapchat without knowing the sender through these techniques: another device, Airplane mode, and a screen recording app. In addition, you can also secure the privacy of your account on Snapchat and ensure that people you believe see your snaps. This can be done by following the 5 tips that are mentioned in this article.

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