How To Screen Record On Mac – Quick And Easy Steps

If you’re looking to record and keep a video you’re watching on Youtube or if there’s a problem with your Mac and you want to show it to someone, recording a video of your screen is fairly easy. You also have the option to record the screen with audio in the back and even show your mouse clicks etc. 

Now most of us have been using QuickTime to record our Mac’s screen. It’s an app that comes pre-installed on the computer. However, the following are the steps to record your Mac’s screen without adopting the usage of QuickTime. 

How To Record Mac’s Screen Without QuickTime

1. Press the Command – Shift – 5 keys on your Mac’s keyboard. This will open the screenshot toolbar on your screen then. 

2. Then you’ll be given two options; either Record Entire Screen or Record A Selected Portion. The fourth option in the toolbar will allow you to record full screen and the fifth will allow you to record a selected portion. You can also preview each option by getting your mouse on top of them. However, if you wish to record a selected portion of the screen, you’ll see a box with gaps in each line. Then you can sort of crop the area that you want to record. 

3. After doing the aforementioned successfully, click on Record in order to start recording your screen. It will appear on the far right side of the toolbar. 

4. After you’re done recording the screen, click on the square in disguise of a circle at the top of your Mac’s screen. You can also press the Command – Control – Esc keys to stop the recording. 

How To Record Mac’s Screen With Audio

If you want to record your screen with audio, then click Options from the toolbar, it will be right before the Record option. From there you can also choose to show your mouse clicks in the video, set a timer before the recording starts, and also where to save your recordings after you’re done. 

How To Record On MacBook Air/MacBook Pro?

Luckily, the screen recording process is the same in both variants. You can follow the aforementioned method to successfully record a screen on your computer. However, you can also adopt the usage of the QuickTime app that is already available on apple macbook pro laptops. 

How To Record Screen On Macs Without Sound

If you wish to record your Mac’s screen without including any background sounds, then just click on Options in the toolbox and select your choice. You will also have the option to record the screen with/without your mouse clicks, with/without a set timer before recording starts, and where to save your recordings after you’re done.