Step-by-Step Guide: How To Log In To Facebook Marketplace

How To Log In To Facebook Marketplace


A Facebook Marketplace is a free feature for users to trade items, buy, and sell with the people nearby. It is a kind of garage sale and this process is all online not offline. On which you will find all the items for sale. The items are even expensive, cheap, or even free on the social app.

In this article, we will give you a guide on how to access the Facebook marketplace on mobile apps and browsers. We will also tell you the reason why u didn’t access the Facebook marketplace and how to sell the items on the marketplace. So, let’s dive into the guide without wasting your time anymore.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace?

How to Access Facebook Marketplace?

It is typically a straightforward step to access the Facebook marketplace. If you are using the Browser, then on your left side you will see the option of the marketplace. Click on that option and you will finally get access to the marketplace.

How to Access Facebook Marketplace on mobile

If you are using Facebook on Mobile, go to the main menu by clicking the three horizontal lines. Then you will see the option of the marketplace and click on it. If the option is not available in the menu then click on See more then you will see the option.

Sometimes you were not seeing the option then don’t worry. Follow the below steps and you will get access to these options.

  • Open the Facebook app, log out of the account, and login back.
  • Uninstall the Facebook App and install it again.
  • Change the Facebook country region if your country didn’t support the Marketplace option. To do this process, tap on edit profile and then change your current city or country.
  • If you are a new user on Facebook then start using the app regularly so that Facebook knows you are the perfect user and your account is real. Do Like, comment, and share your posts and increase your friend list by adding people.

Why you can’t access the Facebook Marketplace?

If you are not getting access to Facebook Marketplace even following the above steps, then I am mentioning some reasons for this problem.


The marketplace option is available in 50 countries of the world. If you are using a Facebook app in that region that does not support the option then Marketplace will not appear in your menu.


The option is only available for the user who is older than 18 age.


The device also plays an important role to get access to the Marketplace. Facebook marketplace is only available on Android, iPads, and the above models of iPhone 5.

Age of Account:

If you create a new account on Facebook then the Marketplace option will not be available for you immediately. Because on daily basis many accounts are created by fake users. So, you have to prove the Facebook that your account is real.

Infrequent use of Facebook:

There is a good feature of Facebook that the option you use mostly will be shown in the main menu as shortcuts. If you never use a Facebook marketplace for even one time then the option may not be available.

Access Revoked:

If you use the Facebook Marketplace option before and break the policies of Facebook then the access will be taken from you.


The most used social media platform Facebook introduce a new feature of Facebook Marketplace. Users use this option to buy and sell their products. After reading the article you will get know how to access the Facebook Marketplace and the reason why u didn’t access the option.

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