How To Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them?

Your garden and lawn serve as outdoor retreats. Your outside space should be a haven, whether you’re grilling dinner, hosting guests, or just unwinding after a hard day. These creatures may appear adorable and cuddly. However, they bring ruin and chaos to your well-kept gardens and backyards with the holes, caves, and other issues they bring. Unfortunately, even a few gophers can make that tranquil area a nightmare. Gophers can easily cause havoc on the landscape with their unsightly holes and plant damage. Fortunately, there are non-lethal methods for get rid of gophers so you may restore your land.

How To Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them?

Here are the most popular, non-fatal techniques to get rid of gophers in your yard or garden if you have gopher issues and want to try to eliminate them without killing them.

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Make Noise:

It’s interesting to learn that gophers have a high threshold for loud noises. So it makes sense to produce noise that will irritate the bothersome gophers and moles in our gardens. Some claim that putting wind chimes or other noisy objects in the yard is a specific technique to keep gophers out of the backyard. Additionally, wind chimes bring beauty to any garden so that they won’t detract from the appearance of the surrounding landscape. Others install speakers in their gardens and backyards and play loud music to annoy gophers and moles. As a result, it pushes them away without using any violent means.

Install Gopher Mesh:

Install gopher mesh beneath naturally occurring grass lawns and places with decorative landscaping. Chicken wire is frequently used for this purpose, but it will only last for a short time as galvanized gopher mesh, so choose the correct product the first time to avoid additional hassles and costs down the road. In your natural grass lawn or flowerbeds, gopher mesh forms a barrier that keeps them from making holes, but it does not stop them from consuming roots that grow through the mesh into the soil below. This, therefore, performs a decent job of avoiding the formation of holes, but they can still damage your plants by consuming the roots when they tunnel beneath the mesh.

Attract Their Predators:

This home cure is guaranteed to exterminate moles and gophers within a few days. We can be sure that attracting predators will eliminate any prey invading the backyard and garden. Since owls are their sworn foes, luring them to the garden to establish nests in the trees will undoubtedly send a message to the evil moles and gophers. Install a nest box on tree branches and other high places in the garden or backyard by building one yourself or purchasing one.

Peppermint Oil: 

Try pouring a few drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls and putting the cotton balls into tunnel entrances to deter gophers naturally. Since gophers do not enjoy peppermint scent, using this non-lethal gopher management strategy will help eliminate these underground rodents from your yard.