How To Factory Reset iPad Without Password

Resetting an iPad and restoring it to its factory settings is something you can easily do from the iPad’s Settings app. Although you must require its accurate password for that. However, if you don’t remember the password anymore or have attempted the most number of tries and are locked out, you must acquire the help of iTunes on a computer. If you have backed up your iPad on that computer, the process of resetting will be rather easier. 

Although in some cases, the iPad gets frozen and stops responding to any instructions. In such cases, you must eliminate the issue with a hard reset. 

Resetting iPad With iTunes

Before starting any process, you have to make sure that the iTunes on your computer is up to date with the most recent version. There are some other complications as well. You’ll have to download and install software on the device and if this procedure takes more than 15 minutes, the procedure will be in the state of a halt and you’ll have to start from scratch. 

Although Apple computers already come with iTunes so you can easily update it. If you’re operating through any other computer, you can download iTunes from the Microsoft Store. 

Open iTunes

To start off, open and sign into your iTunes on a computer. They will ask for your password and Apple ID for security purposes. 

Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is the feature that either helps you in updating or erasing the device. You’ll have to start this procedure before connecting your iPad to your computer. Connect the cable first and then it will be further easier to connect the iPad as soon as the recovery mode starts. 

For iPad users with the home button, follow this procedure. Hold the top or side button until you receive the “Power Off” slider on the screen. Then turn off the iPad by sliding it to the right. After that hold the home button whilst connecting the iPad to the computer. Only release the home button when the recovery mode screen appears. 

iPad Users with Face ID follow this procedure. Hold the top and one of the volume buttons until you see the “Power Off” slider on the screen. Then turn off your iPad by dragging that slider to the right. Continue holding the top and volume buttons whilst connecting your iPad to the computer. Only release both buttons when the recovery mode screen pops up on your iPad. 


After the recovery mode screen is displayed on the iPad, iTunes will automatically launch on your computer. You will then receive the option to either update the device or restore it. Click on restore and the process of restoring your iPad will start. It might take some minutes so don’t worry. 

Hard Reset iPad

If your device ends up in a frozen state without your password working or any of the apps, hard resetting it is your best bet. Hard reset forces the device to restart by cleaning out its memory. Although none of your data will be vanished. 

Press the home and On/Off buttons at the very same time. Continue holding both buttons until the screen goes black and the iPad gets restarted. As soon as the Apple logo appears on the screen, let go of the buttons. After following the aforementioned protocol, you must be able to use the iPad. Although you must know the password.