How Do I Identify The Right Disability Support Program?

Just like every other government, the US takes an active role in protecting vulnerable members of society, including those who have disabilities. This indicates that people who meet the requirements can choose from various benefits. Unfortunately, it may be challenging to understand what benefits are available to people with disability support program, but with some research, you can figure out what support you’re entitled to.

What Are Some Key Support Programs For Disabled People?

The disability support programs on this list were selected based on their goals, ratings for influence and transparency, and accomplishments. They operate mainly in the US and Canada, while some also serve disabled persons abroad.

Disability Support Program


Edgar Allen established Easterseals in 1919 to address the shortage of medical treatment provided to those with disabilities. Easterseals offers vital programs and on-the-ground support to people with disabilities of all ages. They offer early intervention services for kids, such as developmental screenings and early childhood education. Additionally, they provide camps and recreational events for kids with impairments. Adult services include day programs, veteran services, vocational training and support, and medical rehabilitation. Through advocacy, policy, and education projects, they also try to change how the general public views people with disabilities.

The Special Olympics:

Eunice Kennedy Shriver established the Special Olympics in 1963 as Camp Shriver in response to her friend’s complaint about the absence of recreational opportunities for her kid with a disability. Children and adults with disabilities can participate in Special Olympics events and receive year-round sports instruction. Athletes who compete in Special Olympics events get the chance to improve their physical fitness while gaining confidence and forming relationships. Athletes can take part in regional activities in their home areas in addition to national and international competitions.

 Friends Of Disabled Adults And Children:

To solve the lack of repaired home medical equipment for economically disadvantaged people and children with disabilities, Ed and Annie Butchart established Friends of Disabled Adults and Children in 1986. Wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers are just a few examples of home medical equipment for the disabled that is recycled. Then, they give this refurbished equipment to individuals in need at little or no cost. Additionally, they help clients connect with contractors to improve the accessibility of their houses and vehicles and offer refurbished computers to the disabled.

The Arc:

A group of parents looking for alternatives to institutionalization for their disabled children created The Arc in 1950. They actively promote full inclusion for people with disabilities by collaborating closely with national and state governments. Through programs including criminal justice, post-secondary education, employment, and future planning, the organization also offer direct assistance to persons with disabilities.

How Do I Identify The Right Disability Support Program?

You must apply to get allowances if you are eligible. You can do this online using their portal or the service centers to file a request for assistance from these support programs. The last thing you want for your application to reject. Therefore it’s crucial to seek assistance if any part of the application procedure confounds you. People with disabilities who get support allowances can maintain their living level while also knowing that they will receive assistance with living expenditures and medical costs, preventing them from struggling or going without.