Hillsborough County Court Judge, Group 14 Candidates: Melissa Black And E. Micheal Isaak

In the main election for Hillsborough County Court, where voters had to choose a judge, Melissa Black competed against E. Michael Isaak. On November 8, 2022, Melissa Black beat E. Michael Isaak in the general election for Hillsborough County Court by garnering 64.2% of the vote, while Isaak garnered just 35.8% of the total votes.

Let’s Know More About The Candidates And Their Political Journeys:

Melissa Black Political Party:

Black is an accomplished lawyer, a skilled public advocate, and a sympathetic community champion. Before opening her family law practice, Black worked as an assistant attorney general in the Children’s Legal Services Division. There, she represented hundreds of foster children and young people in Hillsborough County pro gratis. Black, a mother of three sons, has consistently fought for foster kids, teenagers, and special needs kids in Hillsborough County.

Black attended the University of Florida for her undergraduate studies and the Stetson University College of Law for her legal education. However,black declared, “By serving as a county court judge, I will expand on my years of community service to Hillsborough County.” Black participates in the Challenger Baseball program for kids in Hillsborough County who have physical or mental impairments as a volunteer. She participates actively in the CKS Parent Teacher Club, LAMPLighters (Ladies Assisting Metropolitan People), the Johnny Ferlita Memorial Fishing Tournament committee, the Christ the King Catholic Church, and the Pediatric Cancer Foundation (PTC).

E. Michael Isaak Political Party:

Isaak has 30 years of legal experience. He started as a state attorney’s assistant. Isaak was given a long-term service award in recognition of his commitment to defending Florida’s residents. Then he established his legal firm. He declared, “I think that carrying out a judge’s duties is an art form. A commitment to public service, sound morals and beliefs, and relevant legal and life experiences are all necessary for a successful execution.

He has authored more than 300 appeals and has participated in more than 300 jury trials as well as more than 500 non-jury cases. Isaak has trained countless attorneys in addition to his private practice. Isaak claimed, “My legal experience has a special balance.” I’ve written appeals and tried cases, unlike the majority of attorneys who just write appeals. “I pledge to give my all to serving the people of Hillsborough County. I’ve always desired to work as a judge. I think I’m qualified to handle the difficulties that come with serving as a judge, Isaak stated.


Regarding the results of the General election for Hillsborough County Court, E. Micheal Isaak received 147,812 votes. But Melissa Black prevailed with 265,404 votes.