Helen Skelton shuts down Strictly Come Dancing dating rumors with Vito Coppola


The TV personality Actresses Helen Skelton has come in the rumors that she is dating the dancer Vito Coppola. She was the finalist member of the installment of Strictly Come Dancing and her career start with Blue Peter her age is 39.

BBC Radio 5 Live Show:

There was a show on BBC Radio 5 Live show on March, Sunday, and Helen got pester by the people on that show about the rumors about her. A newsreader was included on the show whose name is Steve and he is looking at the paper. Steve said “The front page is very interesting” while his face and eyes were on the newspaper. Helen Skelton laughed at that joke and suddenly said” thanked for inviting me on the show and said put the papers down.”

The report is publish in the Daily Mirror in which the news states which refers to this rumor. The news states that Helen Skelton and Coppola were close together on the Strictly Dancing tour bus. While her duty on the BBC dancing competition, the host of the Country file was a duo with Gorka Marquez who was a professional. At that time Coppola was busy competing with the radio presenter and the musician of fleur east.

This comes as exactly the stars have a large history of creating relationships after competing closely together. It was all about Stacey Dooley which is the presenter and the professional dancer Kevin Clifton who are now expecting to have a child together.

Helen Skelton’s Divorce with Richie:

Helen Skelton with richie divorce

Helen Skelton gives a statement about her divorce from her husband “she said Richie and I are no longer a couple now and we are getting a divorce”. We will give our best to grow our small children together. The young child of the couple’s name is Elsie and she was just four months of Age at that time. They also share their other two children Ernie, and Louis. Ernie was seven years old and Louis was five.

After the separation between Skelton and Richie, Helen shifted from Leeds to Cumbria where her parent’s farm was located.


Helen Skelton shut down strictly the rumors that are coming about her. The rumors state that Helen and Vito Coppola are dating. Because both appeared in the Strictly Dancing show together. Helen proves that the rumors are wrong.

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