Hearing Protection Headphones

The dangers of hearing loss are increasing with each day passing. Let’s take U.S. for an example. In the States, approximately 22 million workers get themselves involved in exceeding noise levels at work. Many suffer from hearing damage subsequently. In most cases, not wearing a potent hearing protection can worsen the case. 

Most of us don’t have the ultimate luxury of complete silence and zen whilst working. Fortunately, thanks to the growing technology, Bluetooth earmuffs and safety earplugs can save the day for us. They are specifically designed to protect our ears and simultaneously enjoy music thanks to the bluetooth connectivity. 

Also we must keep in mind that not all bluetooth protection headphones are the same. They all focus on different noise attenuation levels. Many other functions are also taken into consideration such as work environment and compatibility with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Also, the Bluetooth feature calls in for some questions as well, such as quality and steadiness. 

Due to the immense competition, choosing the right hearing protection headphones is a tough job now. But to save you the trouble, we have enlisted the 10 best of the lot. 

  • Walker’s XCEL 100
  • PROHEAR 030
  • Honeywell Sync Wireless Earmuff
  • WULFPOWERPRO Bluetooth Earmuffs
  • 3M Worktunes Connect + AM/FM
  • ISOtunes PRO 2.0
  • Walker’s Silencer
  • Caldwell E-MAX Shadows
  • Peltor Sport Tactical 500
  • ISOtunes Free True Wireless

Do Noise Cancellation Headphones Actually Protect Your Hearing?

Noise Cancellation Headphones do provide some aid and peace to you ears but it really depends the kind of situation you’re in. Noise cancellation headphones are basically designed to block ambient sounds using active noise control for low frequency sounds and using soundproofing for higher frequency sounds. For instance, if you’re standing next to a running Jet engine, you’ll hardly feel any noise cancellation being done. 

Noise Cancellation Headphones are further divided into two categories, Passive and Active. Passive noise cancellation headphones do not rely on any sort of batteries or technical terms and are simply just made up of materials that block sounds. For instance a thick padding. 

Whereas Active noise cancellation headphones are those that create sound waves. The main purpose of this technological headphone is that you can listen to music at a very low volume in a noisy environment. 

The Most Effective Hearing Protection?

3M is undoubtedly the most proven and effective earmuff when it comes to hearing protection. They offer various sorts of variants such as foam plugs, banded plugs and over-ear headsets. 

Can AirPods Be Used As Hearing Protection?

Apple’s AirPods do offer a substantial feel-able noise cancellation feature but they don’t offer hearing protection. As a result, Apple didn’t even list that as a feature of AirPods. So never count on AirPods as a mean of hearing protection over those that are specifically enlisted in the category of hearing protection. However, AirPods might do the trick in some situations as mentioned above