Hannah Waddingham Remarks On Ted Lasso’s Final Season

Hannah Waddingham, who plays Ted Lasso, provided an emotional update on the show as season 3 of the comedy series airs on Apple TV. Ted Lasso, a wholesome and endearing comedy that recently received twenty Emmy nominations, matching its record-breaking number of nominations from last year, centers on the English football team AFC Richmond and their American coach, the eponymous Ted (Jason Sudeikis). The show has received praise for its positivity and rejection of toxic masculinity, but its second season didn’t hesitate to get dark, even giving Nate an unexpected villain arc (Nick Mohammed).

Role Of Hannah Waddingham As Rebecca In Ted Lasso:

Rebecca, the owner of AFC Richmond portrayed by Waddingham. She initially wants to destroy the team as retaliation against her ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head). But by the end of the first season, Rebecca has established strong bonds at Richmond and is a steadfast supporter of Ted’s unconventional but successful coaching approach. Waddingham’s portrayal of Rebecca last year earned her an Emmy, and everyone has praised her work as nuanced, compelling, and frequently hilarious.

Season 3 Is Going To Be The Last Season Of Ted Lasso.

Given that it has widely reported though not officially confirmed by Apple that Ted Lasso season 3 will be the last. Waddingham has now provided an update on saying goodbye to her character. In a Deadline interview, Waddingham provided an update on season 3, which is currently in production, and spoke movingly about her relationship with Rebecca, describing it as a “long, slow mourning.” She also acknowledged that she and her co-star Brett Goldstein are “a little bit in denial” about the possibility that the show will end.

Since there are only three episodes, including the season finale, left to shoot for Ted Lasso season 3, it makes sense that production is coming to an end. Waddingham and Goldstein are probably not the only ones who aren’t ready for the show to end, as many viewers are probably sad to see one of their favorite shows end after such a brief run. It will be hard to say goodbye to everyone because Ted Lasso’s cast of characters is so colorful and memorable.

Hannah Waddingham

What Did Hannah Waddingham Say About This?

“I don’t feel ready to say goodbye to her in three episodes, and we are halfway through Season 3 shooting. When Brett and I discussed [saying goodbye] earlier, we both admitted that we were a little in denial about it, even though we had been anticipating it from the beginning. It resembles a protracted, slow death. Man, I love her. I’m serving and walking alongside her as she is my girl. Although it sounds dramatic, that is how I truly feel. I can feel her pulsing through my veins, and I’m not yet ready to stop walking with her.”

However, Ted Lasso was always intended to be a three-season drama, Sudeikis and showrunner Bill Lawrence had many of the character arcs planned out from the pilot. Nate’s betrayal and his new position as coach for Rupert’s team are just a couple of the many things that need to be resolved in season 3, but the Ted Lasso team will likely succeed. Waddingham is sad to be leaving her character behind, but at least the actress and Ted Lasso fans can find solace in the knowledge that it will be a thoughtful send-off.