Gucci Fashion Show On Milan Fashion Week

Alessandro Michele is a visionary designer who has previously experimented with baby dragons, waxwork heads, and flame-licked Gothic crypts for Gucci. His most recent show at Milan Fashion Week, however, exceeded even his own high expectations. All of the other designers mixed harshness with levity, with emerging trends like motorcycle aesthetics, veils as streetwear, maximalist layering, and a variety of unusual footwear. And collections frequently alluded to the past. As some businesses renovated their archives, others tapped era-defining superstars, nostalgia was a collective source of inspiration. Milan Fashion Week Spring 2023 set a new benchmark for meme-worthy stuff, with head-turning stunts and more-is-more ensembles.

Gucci Sends 68 Sets Of Twins:

Identical twins have long been utilized as a tool for fascinating, if occasionally terrifying, narrative. After all, seeing double forces us to examine, reinterpret, and enjoy what we see. So it stands to reason that there was a lot to take in at Gucci’s Spring 2023 show. For his “Twinsburg” presentation, creative director Alessandro Michele sent 68 sets of identical twins down the runway. The maximalist collection was an unrestrained exploration of identity, with clashing patterns, bright sequins, low-slung skirts, and otherworldly accessories. Not to mention that it taught us a new appreciation for matching sets.

Some Other Attention Seeking Moments At The Show:

Apart from Gucci “Two is better than one” theme, other designers also have not left behind. Here are some moments for you.

Gucci Fashion Show On Milan Fashion Week

Avavav Tripping Models:

A runway tumble attracts attention, and usually not the type that a brand wants. However, for Avavav’s first live event, models purposefully stumbled all over the place. They plummeted to the floor, knees buckling and arms flailing, in a running farce that mocked the very nature of the catwalk. The “Filthy Rich” collection created by creative director Beate Karlsson to explore fashion’s fixation with displays of wealth and superficiality. The odd presentation, unsurprisingly, included even kooiker designs. Consider chicken-foot shoes, bedazzled dollar-sign motifs, Rolex chokers, and Chewbacca-inspired footwear. Sartorialism meets satire. And we’re completely taken in.

Fendi Shoes Are Not Meant For Walking:

The trend right now is absurdist footwear. Kim Jones, design director of Fendi, presented versions of fuzzy slides, knee-high boots, and elegant sandals on the Fendi runway, putting a modern spin on trendy platforms. The collection inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and included sheer, layered, and silky shapes in muted hues and bright greens. However, it was the rubber wedges that stole the show. One model took off their shoes mid-catwalk after slipping out of them owing to a moisturizing mistake, providing a fantastic photo opportunity for the logo-emblazoned bottoms.