Guardian Of The Multiverse

The Watcher enlisted the help of a group of people known as The Guardians of the Multiverse, who came from all corners of the Multiverse, to protect Ultron from completing his multiversal conquest. Erik Killmonger, one of the group’s members, betrayed them during the final battle with Ultron by attempting to utilize the Infinity Stones to further his agenda. But he stop when Arnim Zola and Doctor Strange imprisoned in a pocket dimension. Except for Black Widow, who was transported to a different dimension to put an end to Loki’s rule over Earth. The team members all returned to their home universes after the battle was over.


The Watcher found shelter in Doctor Strange’s universe after Ultron’s defeat and enlisted his help in stopping Ultron from seizing control of the Nexus of All Realities. 

 With his assistance, the Watcher started looking for outstanding characters throughout the Multiverse and settled on Captain Carter, Star-Lord, Gamora, Killmonger, and Thor, whose universe Ultron invaded. As everyone got to know one another, the Watcher transferred them to Strange’s recreation of the pub from Carter’s universe.

Guardian Of The Multiverse

The Watcher suddenly appeared in front of the group and introduced them as the Guardians of the Multiverse, selecting them to protect the multiverse from Ultron. Thor attempted to leave the pub against Strange’s advice because he thought the Watcher was with Loki.

Uatu informed the Guardians of the Multiverse that Ultron had been destroying universes using the power of the Infinity Stones, which had transformed Ultron into a cosmic being after they agreed to help him. The Guardians questioned Strange and Uatu’s strategy, so they devised a plot to remove Ultron from the Stones. They traveled to a barren universe devoid of intelligent life as a staging point before their battle. As they finalized their strategy to defeat Ultron and take the Soul Stone from him using Gamora’s Infinity Crusher. However, Thor launched lightning bolts into the sky using Mjolnir, which attracted Ultron.

Battle Between The Guardians And Ultron

As Strange cast defensive spells on the remaining Guardians of the Multiverse, Ultron opened a portal. Killmonger and Gamora entered the portal that the Watcher had established behind the Guardians while the others stayed behind to recover the Soul Stone and capture Ultron. Ultron was immune to Thor’s electrocution attempt, so Ultron utilized the Infinity Stones to uproot the surviving Guardians from the ground. Ultron hovered away after assuming the Guardians had died, but he stopped when Strange destroyed the trash. As soon as the Guardians attacked Ultron, Captain Carter and Star-Lord were able to grab the Soul Stone, and the battle between the Guardians and Ultron officially started.

Battle Between The Guardians And Ultron

The Guardians met Black Widow after entering Ultron’s universe through the vortex. Before Carter convinced Romanoff to join them, the Guardians were going to attack her. As Ultron made his comeback and attempted to recover the Soul Stone, Black Widow stepped aside. Ultron attempted to use the Stones to launch a cosmic blast, which Strange was able to absorb, But Thor stopped him before he could. However, Ultron utilized the Time Stone to reclaim the Soul Stone while the Guardians continued to fight him in battle. Ultron was defeated when Strange halted him, reversed Ultron’s time field using his Time Stone. And unleashed the powers of the mystical creatures. As Gamora turned on the Infinity Crusher and set up an explosion that seemed to destroy the Stones and kill Ultron. The Guardians of the Multiverse were able to capture Ultron.

Even while the Guardians thought they had won. Ultron, who was still alive, informed them. Infinity Crusher was useless because it only functioned on stones from Gamora’s world. When Ultron managed to reclaim the Soul Stone. He learned that Strange was the strongest among them. And used all of the Stones’ power to fire another cosmic blast that destroyed Strange’s defenses. She stood up as Romanoff was being pushed away, saw the arrow containing Arnim Zola’s AI, and informed Carter of her plan to shoot the arrow into Ultron. While Strange attempted to control Ultron, Romanoff and Carter carried out their plan. Ultron drag back by Carter as Romanoff shot the arrow at him. Ultron kill when the arrow struck him in the eye as Zola awoke and assumed control of his body.

The Infinity Stones Are In Killmonger’s Hands

Again believing the fight to be finished as Ultron’s body hit the ground. The Guardians were in for a surprise when Killmonger decided to turn on them. Killmonger informed the other Guardians that they may use the Infinity Stones to repair their separate universes as he acquired them. When the Guardians refused, Killmonger started using the Stones to harm them until Zola awoke in Vision’s body. In an attempt to take control of the Stones.

Zola claimed his ownership of them and started a battle with Killmonger that eventually brings the universe to an end. Strange suddenly understood that their primary goal was to free the Stones from Ultron’s body, not to win. With this in mind, Zola and Killmonger were trapped in an endless battle within a pocket universe when Strange, with the aid of Uatu, created a Mirror Dimension around them.


The Guardians went back to the bar after the fight end. And Strange went back to his universe to keep an eye on Zola and Killmonger. After finally comprehending The Watcher’s strategy, Strange agreed to keep an eye on the pocket dimension bubble. Each thanked the surviving Guardians and assured them. They would all return to their universes at the same time as they walked out of the pub. Uatu refused Peggy Carter’s request to be with Steve Rogers once more, telling her that her universe required her. Peggy Carter was hesitant to go back to her universe. Carter had second thoughts and chose to go back to her world.

Black Widow informed Uatu that because she was the only survivor and the last Guardian. She would not go back to her universe. She attempted to ask Uatu to fix her universe. Uatu explained that they were not in the universe that Stephen Strange established and was instead in a version where potential Avengers members were killed before they could form a team. Uatu did this because she knew that Romanoff would not go back to her universe. Loki was about to kill Nick Fury during a fight between the Asgardians and S.H.I.E.L.D. But Romanoff kicked him aside and knocked him unconscious. As Uatu returned to the Nexus of All Realities to once more keep watch over the Multiverse, Fury and Romanoff got to know one another.