Famous New Yorkers Moving To Florida

Famous New Yorkers have relocated to Florida in large numbers, including billionaire hedge fund managers, world-class athletes, and a particular former president. Additionally, it’s not just famous people. According to data from the 2020 census, more than 1.6 billion Floridians were born in New York. And they now account for close to 8% of the state’s population. There were even more New Yorkers who fled there during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Are New Yorkers Moving To Florida?

In Florida, the Government claimed that New York is in a financial “tailspin” as taxes and regulations “repel people to leave their state.” And in New York, where some politicians have attributed the trend to weather. Some claim that because of the hurricanes, floods, and skyrocketing insurance costs. New Yorkers who moved to Florida will return in droves. Democrats have seized the chance to criticize the government for the rising cost of housing. They claim has made Florida as expensive as New York. The mayor of New York City is joining in the fun by urging ex-pats living in Florida to “bring your butt back to New York.”

Famous New Yorkers Moving To Florida

Who Are Some Famous People Who Have Moved To Florida?

Former president Donald Trump moved to his Palm Beach resort from New York City in 2019. Many of Trump’s political activities have been conducted at his Mar-a-Lago Club, even though his corporate headquarters are still in Manhattan. 

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the president’s daughter and son-in-law, reportedly spent $24 million on a Surfside mansion last year. A family friend told People magazine earlier this year that the couple, who rented a house in Washington, D.C. while working for the Trump administration, is “really just settling into normal life and enjoying it.” Previously, Ivanka Trump resided in a residence in her father’s Trump Park Avenue complex.

In 2020, businessman Carl Icahn relocated his operation from Fifth Avenue to Sunny Isles Beach. Florida, where he leased a 23,463-square-foot office at the Milton Tower. Icahn Capital Management’s founder, a billionaire, already owned a house on Indian Creek Village Island in Miami.

Up until last year, former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, a well-known actress, and singer grew up in the Bronx. The couple, who have since split up, owned a $32.5 million Miami Beach mansion.

When the coronavirus pandemic was at its worst in 2020, another billionaire Wall Street titan, Paul Singer, relocated his hedge fund offices from Manhattan to West Palm Beach. However, it is said that Singer chose to remain in the Northeast at the time. And kept some Elliott Management staff in New York.

Former Yankee great Derek Jeter is another former Bronx Bomber who relocated to the south after his playing career ended. Jeter, who was born in New Jersey and raised in Michigan, retired from the sport in 2014. He joined the Miami Marlins as CEO and a minority owner in 2017, roles he left earlier this year.

Everybody wants to live somewhere that has consistently warm weather and access to beaches. But Florida state offers so much more, and the secret is now out with all these celebrity and regular people migrations.