Everything You Need To Know About Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program that runs a 3D representation of Earth primarily based of satellite imagery. It also translates aerial photos and GIS data on a 3D globe, allowing people to view cities from several angles. Users also have the facility to enter addresses/coordinates via keyboard or mouse and further explore the globe. 

The Google Earth program can also be downloaded on smartphones or tablets as well. It is a kind of Web Map Service that shows all kinds of images on the earth’s surface. In 2019, Google stated that Google Earth covers almost 97% of the earth and has gathered 10 million miles of street view images. 

It also provides a measure distance tool alongside the main Earth navigation. A tool for viewing the nightsky is also available. In contrast, users can also play an in-app game, flight simulator. Users can also view photos of several places that are uploaded to Panoramio. 

However, Google Earth is contemplated to be a threat to national security and privacy by many. This led to the program getting banned in some countries. Many countries also requested that sensitive areas should be kept secret, for example military bases. No Google Satellite images should be able to reach close to them. 

Can I Find My House On Google Earth?

As it allows you to view things in many different countries, it also allows you to view your own house. All you have to do is double click on your address in the search bar. Then watch Google Earth spinning in action as it will fly you to your neighborhood. Then drag the Pegman icon to activate Street View to subsequently get a deeper look into your home. You can use the options on the top right corner to switch between a Street View or Ground-Level View of your house. 

How Do I Open It?

You fan easily open and launch the app by double clicking its icon on your desktop. Start Menu for PC and Dock for MacBook. You would then instantly go in to the main Google Earth window. For mobiles and tablets, you just have to download it from your respective store and then open it as you do with all your other apps. 

Can I Use It For Free?

Google Earth is free program that allows you to explore the globe in 3D satellite imagery. You can view what’s happening in different parts of the world while you just sit on a couch at your home. 

Dome Of The Rock

Google Earth actually enables you to tilt and view the Dome of Rock 3D terrain and building. 

Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth

It not only allows you to explore the globe but it also enables you to track your IMEI number. You can easily track your IMEI number through Google Earth by opting the tool of “Find My Device”. However for this to go successfully, you’ll need the target device to be connected to a strong internet. Otherwise its an effective feature