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Emerging Lebanese Fashion Designers

Emerging Lebanese Fashion Designers
  • PublishedDecember 31, 2022

Outstanding fashion designers like Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, George Chakra, Rami Kadi, and others are recognized to have come from Lebanon and have drawn the attention of royalty and the world of celebrities.

However, there are other individuals with exceptional creativity and talent besides these widely recognized designers. They faced a difficult climb to popularity before ruling at the peak of their profession. Others are now following in their footsteps and beginning to emerge on the Lebanese horizon and in some cases much further. They stand out by creating stylish, high-caliber designs that are worthy of being displayed on worldwide catwalks.

Aboud Jammal:

Aboud Jammal

Aboud Jammal is a young designer from Beirut who discovered his passion for fashion at a young age and turned it into a lucrative business. He attended Paris’ ESMOD International Fashion University and started working as an intern at the Zuhair Murad fashion brand.

He established his fashion brand, Maison Aboud Jammal, and made his debut at the international “Festival de la Mode à Tunis, where he showed his Fall/Winter collection. The fashion industry was then infused with his countless beautiful capsule collections, which he later released.

Joseph Achajian:

Joseph Achajian

The Lebanese-born menswear company Maison Du Mec was founded by Joseph Achajian, who also serves as its creative director. Achajian acquired global fashion knowledge without receiving a formal education in the subject.

He gained firsthand knowledge from the 1920s-era tailoring and the business legacy of his family. The Lebanese-Armenian designer originally intended to become a doctor, but instead chose the fashion industry and established his distinctive label. His designs best exemplify individuality, stylish streetwear, expressiveness, and expert craftsmanship.

Ahmed Amer:

Emerging Lebanese Fashion Designers

Beirut-based Fashion designer and illustrator Ahmed Amer. Having completed his interior architecture studies at the Lebanese University (LU). Ahmed is also the recipient of the Maison Mode Mediterranée, Marseille, France, the prize for Openmymed 20/21. Today, the gender-neutral and minimalist Ahmed Amer brand, which has its roots in Beirut, is led by the fashion designer. Ready-to-Wear.

Sandra Mansour:

Sandra Mansour:

In the fashion world, Sandra Mansour, a Lebanese designer who was born in Switzerland, is well known for her contemporary Ready-To-Wear (RTW) and bridal collections. She was the first Middle Eastern designer to work with the top clothing company, H&M, where she created “empowering pieces” with edgy designs and colors drawn from the natural world. As recently witnessed on red carpets, international celebrities are beginning to focus their attention on her designs.

Yassmin Saleh:

Yassmin Saleh:

Yassmin Saleh started her career in fashion after enrolling at the esteemed Istituto Marangoni in Milan. She was born in Beirut and reared in Abu Dhabi. She next looked into her education in fashion design at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

For her collection “The Dance of the Psyche,” she was awarded the Prize of Excellence in Craftsmanship. She was chosen to take part in the Starch Foundation, where she unveiled her first line under the Yasmin Saleh brand.

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