E2 Visa Business Plan

The E2 visa is a fantastic choice for investors and business owners wishing to launch a business. You can create a business in the USA and work for it if you have an E2 visa. To obtain an E2 visa as the founder of a business, certain stages must be properly followed. The E-2 business case does not have a single proven method or set structure. However, this article offers some brief advice on points to take into account while creating an E-2 visa business plan.

What To Include In Your E2 Business Plan?

Following are the few approaches you must include in your E2 business plan.

Financial Strategy:

The plan should outline how the company will generate enough success and profitability to sustain the investor, dependents, and workers. It should also generate new employment during the maximum 5-year period of the E-2 visa. If your application is approved, you may anticipate the renewal phase for up to 5 years. Additionally, you must demonstrate that you are in charge of and possession of your investment funds. The investment must also include an element of risk, which you must again describe in the plan of your previous investments in the company (lease, setup charges, etc.) and demonstrate will be operational on the first day after you arrive in the US.

Operational Plan:

 The Embassy needs to know how your company will run in the US. Several company structures are acceptable for obtaining the E-2 visa. Whichever you choose to follow will be up to you. Detail will also be needed on the business’s management particulars. The E-2 visa holder is permitted on the grounds of managing and expanding the company. Additionally, as a citizen of a treaty nation, you will need to provide proof that you hold at least 50% of the company.

Personnel Approach:

 The management structure should enable you, as the holder of an E-2 visa, to develop and control the firm, with other people fulfilling the business’s needs for skilled or unskilled labor. You must be able to show that you’ll give residents jobs within your business. It’s interesting to note that the E-2 visa also enables the company to apply for additional foreign workers who have the same nationality as the treaty employer.

Marketing Plan:

You must include an explanation of which marketing strategy will you implement in the US. Keep a record of your marketing activity plans, including the financial and manpower needs. Present your network of connections or scheduled meetings; the more reliable these are, the better for your proposition.

Expertise And Background:

Another criterion is that the nature of the business is, in some logical way, related, connected, or relevant to the professional experience, abilities, or qualifications of the E-2 applicant. The Embassy will be looking for confirmation of your credibility and expertise as well as the viability of the business. They may raise concerns during the interview if they feel there is a disconnect between your skills and the company’s line of business.