District 4 Election Candidates, Lauren Kurnov And Robyn Marinelli

Shirley Brown, a veteran board member, opted not to run again, and Robyn Marinelli has competed against Lauren Kurnov in District 4’s election to replace her. To represent District 4 on the Sarasota County School Board, Robyn Marinelli defeated Lauren Kurnov in the primary. Kurnov earned 47.2% of the total votes, while Marinelli received 52.8%, making Marinelli the winner.

Let’s Know More About The Candidates And Their Election Campaigns:

District 4 Election Candidates, Lauren Kurnov And Robyn Marinelli

Lauren Kurnov Political Party:

Kurnov, 43, has held positions as an educational consultant at New College of Florida and an assistant vice president and director of the student achievement at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. She holds a doctorate in education from USF and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. The ideal candidate for the position, according to her, is a combination of her prior expertise, Sarasota origins, and having children enrolled in district schools. She focused her campaign on three important issues to keep the district’s A grade from the state: making sure kids are prepared for careers, assisting teachers, and ensuring pupils have the essential reading abilities as they progress through elementary school.

Kurnov stated that she wants to collaborate with neighborhood companies to provide mentors for kids to enhance student job preparation. To assist students in developing their post-graduation goals, she said that she wants to see greater engagement between them and their advisers. Kurnov asserted that bringing in new instructors and providing them with assistance can address the district’s other problems.

Robyn Marinelli Political Party:

Robyn Marinelli, 69, spent 15 years as the district-level administrator in charge of Sarasota County’s student services after five years as a teacher and 20 years as a school counselor at Southside Elementary.

She said that the three pillars of her campaign are putting children first, protecting parental rights, and maintaining the School Board’s transparency and accountability. Marinelli stated that she wants the School Board to once again be respectful. She warned that meetings may become chaotic and urged board members to respect one another.

She asserted that increasing financial transparency for the School Board will help foster trust. In place of a PDF that is around 130 pages long, Marinelli said that as a board member, she would push for a more user-friendly district website that would allow the public to understand where money is being spent. Marinelli said that she will attempt to restore the School Board’s previous approach to public comments, which divided them into remarks on meeting agenda items and general topics.

Results Of The Elections:

Lauren Kurnov won 57,770 votes in the election to represent District 4 on the Sarasota County School Board. However, Robyn Marinelli won with 64,729 votes.