Did Christopher Columbus Discover America?

Christopher Columbus was Italian explorer who is widely renowned for discovering the new world of the Americas. He stumbled upon Americas on board his ship Santa Maria. 

However when we closely study the facts, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover North America. He was in fact the first European to discover the Bahamas archipelago and then an island which was later named Hispanolia. The island is now split into Haiti and the Dominican Republic. During his subsequent journeys, Christopher embarked upon father south as well, to Central and South America. In simpler words, he never crossed paths with what is now United States

What Did Columbus Discovered?

After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for a total of 10 weeks, some sight of land was seen by a sailor caller Rorigo Bernajo. However Columbus claimed the credit himself for that. He then landed on a small island in the Bahamas which he named San Salvador. He cunningly claimed the island for the King and Queen of Spain in spite for the island to be populated. 

Columbus used to call all people on the island as “Indians” because he thought he has reached the Indies. 

Columbus further made three journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. He was also sure that he found Cipangu (Japan) but it was Cuba. He then visited South America and Trinidad. Although after his return, he found out that the Indians had started to revolt against the Europeans. Conditions got so worse that the Spanish had to sent a new personnel to govern. Columbus was imminently arrested and stripped off all the titles he acclaimed. He also made one “last” journey to the Americas but this time it was to Panama. 

Christopher Columbus Wife

Filipa Moniz Perestrelo was a Portuguese noblewoman from Porto island in Madeira, Portugal. She and Christopher Columbus got married in 1479. 

What Year Did Columbus Sail The Atlantic Ocean?

On August 3, 1942, Christopher Columbus and his men embarked upon a voyage to the Atlantic Ocean. Him and his 90 men crew were travelling on three ships, Santa Maria, Niña and Pita. 

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