Daniel Radcliffe Avoids This Harry Potter Store In NYC

Daniel Radcliffe passes by The Harry Potter store in New York hurriedly. Dive in to find out why is it so. 

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe changes his direction whenever he is close to the Harry Potter store in New York – Which opened last year. Radcliffe rose to fame at a very young age all thanks to the Harry Potter movies. He was more successful than certain adults while being a teenager. He played the main role of the fantasy franchise for 8 installments. Radcliffe played the role of an orphaned eleven-year-old boy who gradually realizes that he is the most popular personality in the wizarding world. 

After Radcliffe appeared for the last time in a Harry Potter movie, he truly diversified his acting skills. He took part in various different kinds of roles. He has proven quite a lot of times that he can put life into any role given to him. Seems like Radcliffe loves a challenging role. Although apart from being a great method actor, he hates getting zapped by the paparazzi. 

Dodge The Issue

He is currently living in New York. However, it looks like he is still recalled by people as Harry. That title just can’t seem to get behind him. In a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show, he unveiled his reaction to a new Harry Potter store that got opened. 

“They’ve just opened a massive Harry Potter store in New York, and I’ll walk past there and suddenly get there like, ‘Oh no, I’m here, I have to not be here very quickly, I have to run before somebody sees me.”

Radcliffe has always been the man to stay out of the limelight. Even when he was little, he avoided all interviews with the Harry Potter cast. He did appear on a few but let go of a majority of them. As of recent, one of his queries was that he is still in the limelight for something that happened years ago. Even he himself could barely remember it.