Cuphead, The Delicious Last Course 

Cuphead is a unique game. The studio MDHR’s passion project immediately distinguished itself from the vast majority of 2D action games with its flawless replication of the 1930s cartoon aesthetic. Even though it meant experiencing the same boss fight a dozen times as you tossed Cuphead and Mugman into the game’s woodchipper of trials. Its various boss fights masterfully created and breathtaking to watch till The Delicious Last Course. Almost five years after Cuphead’s initial release, the game has finally received its first Delicious Level Course.

What Comparisons May Be Seen Between The Delicious Last Course And The Original?

Let us give you a little explanation of Cuphead in case you haven’t played it in the last five years. A 2D bullet hell, boss rush, and action game called Cuphead also include some platforming levels in between the boss fights. On your journey to expel the devil, you can team up with a co-op buddy to play as Mugman in addition to Cuphead The Delicious Last Course. It’s adorable, but don’t be fooled by the adorable old-style art design; it will utterly ruin you.

Ms. Chalice:

You can play as Ms. Chalice, a new character, for the first time in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. She is the center of the new island and tale. Some boss levels make excellent use of her newly acquired skills. In essence, Ms. Chalice can be employed by Cuphead or Mugman if they have a biscuit charm active. She can roll, dash, and double jump. Rolling is advantageous since it allows you to avoid damage from strikes.

Ms. Chalice new character
Ms. Chalice

 Even if the new island feels built for her new move set. You can still defeat the new island as Cuphead or Mugman and play through all the prior material as Ms. Chalice. Since the new island isn’t that long. The Delicious Last Course’s unfortunate short length is the only bad thing about this. Fortunately, the material we did receive is excellent and completely matches Cuphead’s aesthetic. One thing which can be said is that, compared to prior bosses, playing solo does seem to be simpler.

Visual of Cup Head, The Delicious Last Course:

There isn’t much to say about its graphics. It continues to impress with its wonderful hand-drawn, 1930s-inspired cartoon design.

Visual of Cup Head, The Delicious Last Course
The Delicious Last Course

The best aspect of the art is how well-done the new boss designs are. The backgrounds and foreground of the stages are not too busy, and the animations are fluid, making it easy to see approaching enemies.

Sound System of Cup Head, The Delicious Last Course:

The sound design is still top-notch. Music sounds like it’s coming from a phonograph and the old-school, grainy sound effects of the Hanna-Barbara cartoons.

Hence, The Delicious Last Course is a great addition to the Cuphead package. It provides more of the game’s features that you enjoyed. Unfortunately, the sole drawback is how short it seems and how unevenly demanding it is in co-op and solo play. But it’s fantastic to be back in the Cuphead universe and learning something new.