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Cristiano Ronaldo | The Making Of A Football Legend Untold Story

Cristiano Ronaldo | The Making Of A Football Legend Untold Story
  • PublishedMarch 4, 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo Biography


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in Football who won many awards as individual and many trophies in his whole career. He played with many clubs in different countries and he is not retiring yet. He is now playing in Saudi for their Al Nassr Club at the age of 38 years old.  In today’s article, we are going to tell you all about CR7. His early life, career, trophies awards, Clubs in which he plays, and all the other things which relate to Ronaldo.

Early Life of Ronaldo:

Early Life of Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal which is a small island on the western coast of Portugal country. He is a father of a total of five children which include Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Bella Esmeralda, Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, Mateo Ronaldo, and Eva Maria Dos Santos.

Ronaldo grew up in a middle-class working family in a small tin-roofed home that overlooks the ocean. Cristiano entered the game of soccer through his dad Jose Dinis Aveiro who was working for the boys club as an equipment manager.  

Their early life of Ronaldo was very difficult and he struggle very much in his life. His father drank too much and he is a middle-class person. The mother of Ronaldo was working as a cleaning person and cook to keep their children fed and balance the financial situation of the family.

When Ronaldo was playing for the Manchester United Club, his father died because of an Alcohol kidney failure problem. After 2 years of his father’s death, the mother Ronaldo was struggling with breast cancer in 2007. Ronaldo is close with his father and the year his father death, he was really sad in his life.

When he was 10 years old, Cristiano was already considered a phenomenon. A kid who slept, eat, and dank soccer. His grandfather recalled the British reporter and said few words about him. He said “he wanted a boy who plays football and he loves the game so much and he misses that game so much. When he was doing homework and saw kids playing football outside of his house. 

When Ronaldo become teen ager his talent and hard work were successful and considerable. After their duty with Nacional da liha da Madeira, Ronaldo got with the sporting Portugal club in 2001.

Football Career of Cristiano Ronaldo:

Manchester United:

Manchester United:

When Cristiano was 16 years, a club in England Manchester United try to sign the young player from Portugal Club. United pay more than £12 million to sign Ronaldo which is a record-breaking fee for that age player.

Ronaldo shows his perfect class skills and performance against Manchester United in a match and that match led united to sign him. Even the players of united and couch all were saying to say this player for their team. After the manager ask to sign Ronaldo, the Club take a decision and pay a high price to sign Ronaldo and they got successful.

Cristiano didn’t disappoint the united team and he shows a world-class performance in the FA cup final match against Millwall in 2003-2004. United won the match by 1-0 and that score was done by Ronaldo which lead the team to become champion. At that time Sir Alex Ferguson was leading Manchester United as Manager. Ronaldo also lead united to win the champions league of 2007-2008 and signed a contract of five years at a fee of £31 million. The final match of the UEFA Champions League was between Chelsea and Manchester United. The score of the match after 120 minutes was 1-1 and United won the match on penalties by 6-5.

After one year, Cristiano describes the high salary he is getting from the club after setting the Franchise record of scoring 42 goals. This lead him to earn the FIFA player of the year Honor in 2008 which is also called the Ballon d’Or. Manchester United won 3 Premier League Title trophies when Ronaldo was a part of the team.

Real Madrid Spanish Club:

Real Madrid Spanish Club:

After winning the champions league and FIFA player of the award in 2008, Ronaldo sign the Spanish club Real Madrid in 2009. Madrid agree to pay $131 Million to Manchester United which is a record fee at that time and Madrid finally sign Ronaldo. When Ronaldo leave United no one was surprised he left because he said that he wanted to play anywhere for any club.

After signing for Real Madrid, Ronaldo continues his performance and score 40 goals in one league which is a record-breaking stat. But unfortunately, the record was broken in the same season by his rival team player Lionel Messi. In 2011-2012, Ronaldo lead Real Madrid to win the LaLiga Trophy and score 46 goals in that season. He score a total of 66 goals in that season with the appearance in 56 matches in 2013. These stats lead him to win his second Ballon d’Or in 2013 and he was crying when he hold the trophy on stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid

A year later, in 2014 he score 52 goals in 43 games and lead Real Madrid to the UEFA Champions League Title which result in Ronaldo again getting Ballon d’Or which is his second. The Champions League match final was against Athletic Madrid and they won the Match and that time Zidane was the manager of Madrid.

Next season 2015-2016, he scores 35 goals in LaLiga and helps Real Madrid to win their 11th Champions League Title. In 2016, Ronaldo get another Ballon d’Or which is the 4th in his Football Career. In 2016, he score 42 goals and they won the LaLiga and Champions League Trophy again the final match was against Athletic Madrid.

Next season which is 2016-2017, Ronaldo scores 42 goals overall season which leads Real Madrid to win LaLiga and the Champions League Trophy. This time the final match of the Champions League was against Juventus which they won by 3-0. Ronaldo takes his 5th Ballon d’Or this year.

In season 2017-2018, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 44 goals in 44 games and Madrid won the champions league trophy. This time the final match of the Champions League was against Liverpool. Real Madrid won three Champions League trophies in a row which is a record in the world. In these three years, Zidane was the manager of Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo signs Juventus Club:

Cristiano Ronaldo signs Juventus Club:

In 2018 July, rumors are coming that Ronaldo’s time with Madrid now going to end and he is leaving the club. Cristiano proves the rumors are right by signing the 4 years contract with Juventus Italy Club with a fee of $132 Million. He scores a total of 311 goals in 292 matches with the Spanish Club Real Madrid.

After signing with Juventus, the debut year of CR7 was great when he scored 10 goals in 14 appearances. At the end of the season, Ronaldo just score overall 28 goals which is the 2nd lowest of his career since his last season of him with Manchester United.

But in that year, Juventus won the Serie A League title for the eighth time. In the next year 2019-2020, Ronaldo helped Juventus to win the League title in a row. In the next season 2019-2020, he scores a total of 37 goals in 46 matches with the Assist of 7. Later, Juventus won the Super Copa Italiana in 2020 and Coppa Italia Final in 2021.

In the 2019 Champions League, Ronaldo shows his attitude and give a reply to Athletic Madrid Coach Simoni. In the round of 16, Juventus play a match against Athletico Madrid and in the first leg, Madrid beat Juventus by 2-0. After the game, the whole crowd was saying rubbish things about Ronaldo and the manager of Madrid also tease him.

In the 2nd leg, Ronaldo shows them their class by scoring a hat trick and leading his team to the win of 3-2 score. After the match, Ronaldo tease Simoni in the same way and told all of the Juventus fans why they sign him.  The match Athletico Madrid will never forget in their whole life when they eliminate in the round of 16 stages.

Ronaldo goes back to Manchester United:

Ronaldo goes back to Manchester United:

In 2021, Ronaldo is finding a club where he goes and plays and few clubs are on his list. Manchester City and PSG were on the list but Sir Alex Ferguson meet with Ronaldo and convince him to come back to Manchester United. Later on 27 August 2021, Ronaldo agree and sign again for Manchester United with an initial fee of £12.86m. Unfortunately, the player and the team struggled in the overall season and Ronaldo didn’t satisfy United.

The fans of Manchester United expect that their team will be on top now but later they understand that the decision isn’t right. In 2022, Eric Ten Hug signed as the manager of Manchester United and Ronaldo got bench under this manager. He plays fewer games and bench in every match. He goes into the ground in the second half instead of starting the match. So, because of this mess, Ronaldo’s Contract was terminated in 2022 and he is again free to go anywhere. Ronaldo is now selling his UK Mansion Home which is in England and demand 6.5 Million Dollar.

Ronaldo joins Al Nassr Saudi Club:

Ronaldo joins Al Nassr Saudi Club:

After sadly eliminate from the FIFA world cup, Cristiano Ronaldo was really sad when his team was favored to win the world cup and was unfortunately eliminated by Morocco in the Quarter Final stages. After a few months of elimination from the world cup, his contract was terminated from Manchester united.

Later, the Saudi Country offer Ronaldo to play for their top club Al Nassr with a high salary. Ronaldo agreed with the deal and a 2.5-year contract was signed between Saudi Club and Ronaldo. The estimated worth of Signing Ronaldo is more than 200 Million Euros. This means Ronaldo got more than 200 Million in a single year. He is now playing for the Saudi Club Al Nassr and his career is continuing.

Cristiano Ronaldo Awards and Trophies:

Cristiano Ronaldo Awards and Trophies:

Ronaldo won Five Ballon d’Or in his whole career overall.

Five Champions league he won in his life in which one with Manchester United and four with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Won with Manchester United

  1. 1 Time Golden Boot Winner
  2. 3 Premier League titles with Manchester United
  3. 1 Champion League Title with United in 2008
  4. 1 FA Cup with Manchester United in 2004

Trophies won with real Madrid

  1. 3 Time Golden Boot Winner
  2. 2 LaLiga Trophies with Real Madrid
  3. 4 Champions League Titles
  4. 3 FIFA World Cup Club
  5. 2 Copa Del Rey
  6. Two Spanish Super Cup
  7. 3 UEFA Super Cup

Cristiano Won Trophies with Juventus:

  • 1 Time Italian Cup Winner
  • 2 Italian super cup Winner
  • 2 Time Italian Champion

Overall Ronaldo Scored 62 Hatricks in his Career with 10 Hatrick for Internationals and others from different Clubs. His overall goals are more than 800 in his whole career.

Net Worth of Ronaldo

Net Worth of Ronaldo

The Net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo is 490 Million Dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo Religion

Cristiano Ronaldo Religion

Ronaldo was up in a poor Catholic Christian family where he and all of his siblings shared a room.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best Players in the History of Football and many people say that he is GOAT which is true. A 5-time Champions League Winner scored more than 800 Goals in his career and won 5 Ballon d’Or.

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